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Doubles pulls a ‘Tytan’ stunt

Singer Doubles WekwaMarange has been accused of trying to pull the ‘Tytan’ trick on US based socialite Rutendo Saurombe after the release of his new song entitled “Rutendo Samaz.”

Socialite Rutendo Loveness Saurombe and singer Doubles WekwaMarange
Socialite Rutendo Loveness Saurombe and singer Doubles WekwaMarange

The Oskid-produced song is a dedication to the beautiful socialite.

In the song, Marange, 29, showers Rutendo Samaz, 42, with praises for her dazzling beauty, intelligence and free spirit.

It was almost a similar case with Tytan after the nasty Olinda Chapel and Stunner break up when Tytan penned a song “Ndichakubata bho” for Olinda.

It is said Rutendo Samaz is now single after splitting with her husband.

However after Tytan and Olinda’s break up information emerged that Tytan was in the relationship for beneficial purposes.

It was reported he was in the relationship so he could attain his legal documents to stay in the UK.

Some social media users believe Marange has the same motive when he penned the song for the socialite.

However Marange has denied the allegations saying his song is a genuine dedication to his home girl.

“Rutendo is my home girl, we are both from Bocha and I just felt I should compose a song for her.
“She is older than me and I take her more like a big sister to me.

“In the song I was just appreciating her, her beauty, brains and her being a free spirited being.

“That’s all and there is nothing more to it,” he said. H Metro