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“His dogs ate my chicken”

By Praise Mabuto

A Harare woman is claiming US$60 from her neighbour for chickens eaten by his dog.

File picture of Harare Civil Courts
File picture of Harare Civil Courts

Takura Ndima took Liberty Chirokwe to Harare Civil Court where she was demanding the money.

She told the court that Liberty’s dog came during the night and bit her chickens whilst they were in the fowl run.

“His dog devoured my fowls. I want my money, which I was going to earn from selling them.

“Each was going for US$10.

“My chickens were ready for sell, I was expecting a lot of money from those fowls and I only depend on chickens for survival,” she said.

She further told the court that she tried to negotiate with him so he can pay RTGS equivalent to US$10.

“I tried to discuss with him to give me RTGS equivalent to,” added Takura.

Chirokwe told the court that he couldn’t afford to pay the amount demanded by Takura.

“Your worship l cannot afford US$60.

“I agreed that my dog stole her chickens but the money she is selling her chickens is too much I cannot afford to purchase even one.

“I told her that I can walk around to find other chickens so l bring back six chicken rather to buy hers which are expensive but she refused,” said Chirokwe.

Presiding magistrate Tafadzwa Miti ordered Liberty to pay RTGS $180 for the chickens. H-Metro