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Stephen Sarkozy Chuma: August 1: A Legacy of gruesome human butchery by the military

By Stephen Sarkozy Chuma (Eye Witness to August 01 Killings)

The first of August brings with it a flood of kaleidoscopic sad memories of savage human butchery at the hands of the military.

A soldier fires shots towards demonstrators, on August 1 2018, in Harare, as protests erupted over alleged fraud in the country's election. (AFP PHOTO / Zinyange AUNTONY
A soldier fires shots towards demonstrators, on August 1 2018, in Harare, as protests erupted over alleged fraud in the country’s election. (AFP PHOTO / Zinyange AUNTONY

In broad daylight, the Emmerson Mnangagwa administration unashamedly unleashed rogue soldiers dressed in balaclavas on a deleterious human massacre mission which left a stinking trail of death and plunder.

So horrendous and gruesome was the mission that a number of citizens sustained fatal bullet wounds and holes from their backs.

Of the few accounted defenceless civilians, the gorry and sorry pictures of Sylvia Maphosa, Ishmael Kumire, Gavin Dean Charles, James Chikandira, Brian Zhuwawo and Challenge Tauro explicitly became the face of state brutality on innocent citizens.

While events that unfolded in the streets of Harare reminds history students of Nazi Night Of Long Knives, Zimbabweans across political divide are quickly reminded of citizen devouring state antics at the hands of a supposedly public protector.

So moral spineless and inhumanely ruthless was the state behavior just for pursuit of power at expense of sacred human lives.

Ironically, a pre-choreographed commission was set up using taxpayers money to sanitize the horrendous killings.

What is more saddening is the fact that this military regime is grossly unrepentant.

To soundly mark the August 01 butchery, the state security agents working in cahoots with the highest office in the land surreptitiously ambushed the MDC Youth Assembly National Chairman on his way from a program supposedly meant to proffer dialogue and peace.

It is not only myopic but foolish for anyone to expect change from this unrepentant, callous and illegitimate establishment.

Only a clear and clean overhaul of the entire system can save the Zimbabwean situation and as it stands right now it is the Nelson Chamisa led administration that can transcend the people’s nervous circumstances.

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma is MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson.