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Brilliant Pongo: A tribute to my wife and companion; gone too soon

By Brilliant Pongo

My relationship with my wife Tshidzani was so simple and straightforward to us but perhaps misunderstood by many who did not know how deep our friendship and love was.

Tshidzani Pongo
Tshidzani Pongo

So when we found out she had stage 4 breast cancer and secondary bone cancer in December last year my light went out, I vividly remember the doctors saying because the cancer had metastasized and then they proceeded to give a prognosis ( 6 months tops) they said.

I was devastated I chose not to believe them I broke down. It was a terrible shock because we all believed she just had a lump in her breast. Breast cancer is something that can be treated after all we are in a first world country.

My wife’s response to this news confused me even more she accepted what was said and comforted me. I remember her saying “I will deal with this and handle everything my way.”

She said she wanted to keep the prognosis a secret and she would break the news of her cancer to her family personally and in her own time.

It was not an easy 6 months but looking back now I see how she made every moment special and created a capsule of memories that I now reflect upon and cherish and will forever be grateful for.

Tshidzani Pongo
Tshidzani Pongo

Physically she looked fit making she continued with life as if nothing was wrong two years earlier she had started a healthy eating and fitness regime, and blogged a lot about her weight loss journey. She showed no physical signs of sickness and focused on motivating and encouraging others to eat healthier and exercise more.

Tshidzani had a passion for women empowerment and constantly tried to promote the concept of self love to all women she engaged with.

Tshidzani loved to inspire people. Her infectious smile, her charisma and approachable personality made her a person to remember. Many who had the opportunity to meet her in person will attest to the fact that she was loving and had a great desire to help others.

Her social media activities were all about empowering others. She wrote inspirational quotes shared uplifting and educational video many of which remain as testimony of her passion to helping others to find inner peace and be motivated to love.

She was a champion of personal development and loved education. After moving to England in over 17 years ago she furthered her education perusing her interests in social work.

Tshidzani Pongo
Tshidzani Pongo

She attained a BA Honours degree in social work at Wolverhampton University and also got her Masters degree in social work at the same institution. She then joined Telford and Wrekin council as a social worker and excelled as a social worker in Adult Social Care.

In her role as a practice educator she supported many social work students and newly qualified social workers in Telford. In addition to her professional work she was a motivator.

She started a blog (www.girlcide101.com) where she wrote numerous articles to teach, motivate and inspire others.

In March 2019 she published a book a great sermon under the title “More Than A Woman: The Power of Inner Peace “ which now stands as her last word.

Tribute from Brilliant Pongo to wife Tshidzani

But above all she was a wonderful mother to her son Travis, and a diligent and loving wife and companion whom I will dearly miss. My dear wife was not only a wonderful wife and mother but she was a meticulous housekeeper and homemaker.

She was a cheerful, friendly person and made many warm friends. She seldom, if ever. criticized any person. Instead, she preferred to refer to their good qualities. She was the soul of honesty.

She would never shade the truth no matter what the consequences Her memory will forever live her contributions to society and the Telford community in particular will forever be cherished.

Rest Easy Tshidz, Rest in peace you were indeed more than a woman. Till we meet at Jesus’ feet.