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I’m not a womaniser: Peter Moyo

H-Metro’s Takawira Photovet Dapi got in touch with Peter “Dhewa” Moyo soon after the release of his latest album, Mwana weMurozvi, in Harare last week.

Peter ‘Young Igwe’ Moyo
Peter ‘Young Igwe’ Moyo

He spoke on all issues from the album, to comparisons with his father, his side projects, accusations of prostituting all the way to the size of his boxers.

Photovet: Hope I find you well Peter Moyo. You have launched Mwana weMurozvi today; how do you feel about the album.

Peter: To me I think it was a successful launch. I was also happy with the coverage I was getting from the whole media fraternity.

This is my fourth album with six tracks, basically a project talking about life, not about my life but about everybody in general.

The first track called Mamoyo talks about marriage, second track Shuviro talking to God about his or her dreams, third track Hamadzangu talks about relatives, fifth track and more talks of life in general.

PHOTOVET: Which one do you think is going to easily take your Utakataka fans by storm?

Peter: Different fans enjoy different varieties, if I choose for them, I will be fooling myself. We record to make them listen and comment.

PHOTOVET: H-Metro witnessed you being given lots of hard cash – United States dollars and Zimbabwean bond notes – how much did you cash in today?

PETER: I do not know yet but yes, many fans paid me.

PHOTOVET: Do you have any challenges in your band?

PETER: Yes, every band has got challenges, like presently, our main challenge is that of having too many shows and eventually getting tired. As the best performing band in Zimbabwe, we are on unbelievable demand.

PHOTOVET: Who really is Peter Moyo?

PETER: Peter is someone now trying to settle, all these times I was just juggling life trying to find my way. You know there was Tongai Moyo music and now there is Peter Moyo music but all from the same common denominator called Utakataka sound, a brand founded by my iconic late father.

Today if you listen to the beat, lyrical meaning and the whole song arrangement, you will discover that Tongai and Peter are really two different artists.

PHOTOVET: Are you taking some of your new songs from your late father’s unreleased music?

PETER: No, my father did not leave any unreleased songs, I am composing my own songs.

PHOTOVET: Your marital status today, and are you still staying in Kwekwe or you are now based in Harare?

PETER: Why do people want to know about where I stay before they tell me where they are staying?

PHOTOVET: Your fan base is aware that Peter Moyo has a farm he inherited from his father, what are you farming?

PETER: There are chickens there, we are just farming them for eating.

PHOTOVET: How is your grandmother VaChihera?

PETER: She is there and surviving the same way everybody’s grandmother is surviving.


PETER: I do not want to lie, what I just know is that I am now making money.

PHOTOVET: Shoe size?

PETER: Size 7.

PHOTOVET: Trousers?

PETER: It’s size 32.


PETER: Medium size.

PHOTOVET: Who is your barber because I can see you are constantly maintaining your father’s haircut style after inheriting his Utakataka band.

PETER: I do not have a permanent barber, wherever I go, and whenever I feel that my head needs a touch, anyone will just do my hair. If I chose one barber, what if I spend a month away on duty, plus we must learn to give work to many different people and cultures, that is being a genuinely generous, tisa pfumbate kana tagamuchidzwa naVaDenga.

PHOTOVET: You are now into acting – I’ve seen you with Baba Harare on some skits?

PETER: No, handisi kuita ma drama inini, but Baba Harare ndiye akuita madrama ake neni.

PHOTOVET: Advice to readers?

PETER: Tamba nemunhu waunotamba naye, life will be easy for you.

PHOTOVET: Government is calling for everybody to go for early Cancer and HIV screening and testing, your comment?

PETER: In some countries, it is the government which goes to people – even on a house to house level – but our policies say people must go there for these tests and treatments, I think there must be an improvement.

PHOTOVET: Across all media platforms, it is trending that Peter Moyo and the Utakataka band are the best live performance band in Zimbabwe, from the horse’s mouth?

PETER: Maybe those who do not know this today are visually impaired, not those with eyes, they now know that.

PHOTOVET: It is being said that you are a womanizer; in fact they use the word prostitute?

PETER: Munhu wese asina kuroora, pane munhu waari kutodanana naye, kana akasaita, unongoyenda kune the next person until you get the one you want to get married to, that is not chihure ichocho, it is not even prostitution, ndokutsvaka kwacho wegaka, haunga tsvakirwe nemumweka.

PHOTOVET: Thank you very much Peter, Young Igwe, we wish you the best. H Metro