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#ZodwaUncensored strikes right chord

After weeks of anticipation, Zodwa Wabantu’s Zodwa Uncensored reality show finally debuted on Saturday on Mojo Love (DStv channel 157) and was well received by fans.

Zodwa Wabantu | Dj Muntu's Birthday Celebration Eyadini
Zodwa Wabantu | Dj Muntu’s Birthday Celebration Eyadini

And if the social media reaction is anything to go by, it was worth the wait!

Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored was everything fans expected and more. On the first episode, the vosho queen gave viewers an “uncensored” look at her back story including her home life before becoming a local phenomenon.

She also shared personal moments such as the funeral of one of her childhood friends. One of the more light-hearted things Zodwa admitted to was that she no longer drinks Savanna since Tira pays her well and she can now afford expensive drinks.

Fans and sceptics of the dancer were surprised by the openness and rawness in the first episode with Zodwa not shying away from sharing very intimate moments.

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Last year, she made the decision to share her life with TV audiences and began shooting as soon as she found people that were willing to help her.

“I’m super-happy for how they accept me and my show. Everything I have been saying is what people saw on Saturday and they showered me with love.

“We were trending for a long time and most of the people had wonderful things to say,” Zodwa told TshisaLIVE about people’s initial reaction to her first episode.

The dancer said she knew that people would appreciate her authenticity. “It’s just me as I am. It’s Zodwa Wabantu without any filters and that’s how my people love me,” she said.

“I knew they would love that I am real. I don’t try to change myself for TV or for fame. The whole show is exactly that and I can’t wait for people to see more!”

Those who missed the first episode can watch the repeat today at 8:30PM. The second episode will be shown on Moja Love on Saturday at 8PM.