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Man attacks neighbour’s wife

By Fatima Chiweshe

A city man has been accused of chasing his neigbour’s wife while wielding a hoe. The matter came to light at the Harare Civil Court where Misheck Ndala was applying for a peace order against Golden Mutetwa.

“Your worship we are neighbours and we are always having a dispute over the ownership of the land we got from Nehanda Co-operate.

“He claims that the land belongs to him but we both paid for it and he refuses that we should go to Nehanda Co-operative for our dispute to be resolved.

“I was told that whilst l was away from home he had a conflict with my wife and he chased her with a hoe so l am afraid that he may as well injure or kill her since l am rarely at home.

“I once phoned him to ask about the conflict he had had with my wife and he insulted me and also threatened to harm me.

“The other problem now is that my older children said they are going to beat him up if he comes to my compound again; l fear my children might injure this man,” said Ndala.

Mutetwa denied the allegations that he was breaching his neighbour’s peace.

“Your worship, l have never had a conflict with him but he is the one who erected a cabin in front of my house and he claimed that the whole land belongs to him.

“I am not refusing to go to Nehanda Co-operative like he is saying,” said Mutetwa.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu ruled the case in favour of Ndala and Mutetwa was ordered not to disturb Ndala’s peace. H-Metro