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‘She insults me in front of workmates’

By Mediator Setoboli

A Harare man has sought court protection from an alleged violent wife.

rape victim file pictureTatenda Hove opened up at the Harare Civil Court where he applied for relief against Primrose Ndlovu, who allegedly beats her up in front of his workmates.

“My ex has been insulting me in front of my workmates and causing me a lot of embarrassment.

“We have no child together and I no longer want her to come near my workplace because I am no longer seeing her,” said Hove.

He said his ex-wife used to accuse him of cheating.

“She accused me of cheating on her when we ended things a long time ago.

“She has also been making false claims and a lot of demands only to make me pay her money.”

Primrose denied the allegation saying she goes to his workplace to demand money he owes her.

“I was his wife and we stayed together for two years.

“He owes me money and have been going to his workplace only to claim the money.

“He is the one who has been physically assaulting me. I once had him arrested twice; there is no way I could assault him,” said Primrose.

“He is applying for this protection order to stop me from demanding my money,” she claimed.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu granted the protection order in Hove’s favour. H-Metro