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Jazz can rise again: Kunonga

By Talent Gore

Victor Kunonga believes jazz music can still rise to its previous level if it is given equal attention with other genres at shows and airplay.

Victor Kunonga
Victor Kunonga

The 45-year-old “Maidarirei” hitmaker said jazz music is still appealing even though it is not getting equal airplay today compared to other genres.

Previously, there were numerous jazz festivals in the country that featured many musicians and attracted huge crowds.

“Jazz music is very appealing, but the only problem we have here in Zimbabwe today is that there is no equal airplay. You find that there are specific genres which are treated with utmost importance than others.

“This is very unfair and most artist have complained about it,” said Kunonga.

The award-winning afro-jazz singer and songwriter, who rose to prominence in 2004, went on to emphasise how most jazz artistes in the country have been on low profile.

“There are a number of issues why my fellow jazz musicians are keeping a low profile.

“Firstly, I have spoken of the space which musicians have to be heard, jazz musicians are not having fair airplay.

“Secondly, the venues jazz musicians used to perform at are no longer available as we now have limited space which means a limited crowed which gets to listen to our music,” said Kunonga.

The self-taught acoustic guitarist said he is busy working on a number of projects.

“I’m evergreen. Regardless of what people say Zimbabwean jazz will never die. I have been on a low because I have been learning, working and creating some music in the studio,” he said.

“I have also been working on market plays every month and I have been teaching and helping out young people in the studio,” he added.

Kunonga promised a huge treat for his fans both locally and internationally.

“I have a special treat for my fans both locally and internationally. I will be kicking off my international tour, first in Europe then Zambia; some places will be confirming very soon.

“I’m so excited to be going on the tour coming back touring,” he said. The Herald