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Celebrities’ embarrassing moments

By Talent Gore

Embarrassing moments happen to the best of us. Whether it’s passing gas in public or horribly botching a co-worker’s name, you never know when an awkward moment will strike next.

Urban grooves musician Trevor Dongo was on Friday involved in a street fight with an unidentified man at Five Avenue Shopping Centre after the man allegedly snatched the musician’s food.
In 2016 urban grooves musician Trevor Dongo was involved in a street fight with an unidentified man at Five Avenue Shopping Centre after the man allegedly snatched the musician’s food.

While incidents like these might make you want to run and hide, there’s just no escaping them even if you’re famous! Celebrities are human, just like all of us!

In all seriousness, celebs end up in awkward and embarrassing situations the same way we do. The biggest difference? Their moments are more often caught on camera or in the media.

The difference between you and celebrities is when they get caught doing something really embarrassing, the whole world sees and/or hears about it.

Whether they were presenting an award, performing on stage, or saying something questionable on social media, these stars messed up, and everyone found out.

Some have been able to recover easily, while others are still paying for their mistakes.

One thing is certain: we’ve been entertained in very surprising ways.

We mortals get excited by the pictures these celebrities share, the latest snoop on their lives and the latest hookups and breakups. For me, all I need is good food, an Instagram account that shares lots of celebrity pictures and latest news and I’m good to go. Today we’re going to look at the most embarrassing celebrity moments, so get ready to cringe out of your mind.

Jah Prayzah

The lanky musician was manhandled and stoned at Glen Forest Memorial Park in 2017 when he went to pay his last respects to former aide Nyemba. He had to run for his dear life across the Glen Forest with some irate mourners in hot pursuit.

Jah Prayzah
Jah Prayzah

In a video, which circulated on social media, Jah Prayzah could be seen being shepherded from the graveside by a sea of people, all the while ducking and placing a protective hand over his head to avoid the flying missiles.

He was hit by one missile on the back, forcing him to quicken his pace towards his vehicle.

Brendon Taylor (Cricketer)

He highlights his international debut duck against Sri Lanka in 2004 as his most embarrassing moment in national colours. He was removed for a five-ball duck at Queens Sports Club.

Knowledge Musona (Footballer)

Knowledge Musona, the Warriors captain did something awful during this year’s AFCON tournament against Uganda. The poor guy missed a clean chance to score. The Warriors lost their opening match and were up against a Ugandan side who sneaked a win over the Democratic Republic of Congo, and topped Group A in the process.

Knowledge Musona
Knowledge Musona

But the Warriors captain had a rough night out. It was quite embarrassing as Musona hit the crossbar from five yards out, and with an open goalmouth in front of him. Seriously! It was horrendous from the captain, who might not get an easier chance to score in the rest of his career.

Worst part? It wasn’t the first sitter the skipper missed on the night.

Mudiwa Hood (musician)

Rapper Mudiwa Hood was embarrassed at The Style Orade Awards when he volunteered to receive an award on behalf of Jah Prayzah and accidently broke the gong on stage.

Gospel rapper Mudiwa Hood
Gospel rapper Mudiwa Hood

After indications that Jah Prayzah was not around and there was no representative to take the award, Mudiwa opted to represent his fellow artiste, but his good gesture backfired as he became the highlight of the ceremony for negative reasons.

Mudiwa is not new to the embarrassment associated with standing in for fellow musicians at award ceremonies without consultation with the award winners.

In February 2016, he collected Trevor Dongo’s Zimbabwe Music Award accolade and the gesture sparked controversy, after Trevor’s camp publicly lambasted Mudiwa for rushing to take the award without their blessing when they had a representative for that role.

Kirsty Coventry (Olympian medallist for swimming and Minister of Sport)

For Kirsty Coventry, her most embarrassing moment was when she swam 100m backstroke, instead of 100m freestyle. The Olympian medallist said for some reasons she had it in her mind that she was swimming the 100m backstroke, instead of the100m freestyle.

Zimbabwe's swimming legend Kirsty Coventry
Zimbabwe’s swimming legend Kirsty Coventry

“I got on the block, dove into the pool turned around and started swimming the backstroke, I then had the official wave at me saying I’m swimming the wrong stroke,” she said.

“I remember looking up and being confused asking myself what’s going on, up until now I still have no idea of what I was thinking that moment.”

Trevor Dongo (musician)

Urban grooves Zimbabwean musician Trevor Dongo in 2016 suffered a public humiliation that exposed weaker physical stature. A video of him being mercilessly head-butted and choked in the street went viral.

Urban grooves musician Trevor Dongo was on Friday involved in a street fight with an unidentified man at Five Avenue Shopping Centre after the man allegedly snatched the musician’s food.
In 2016 urban grooves musician Trevor Dongo was involved in a street fight with an unidentified man at Five Avenue Shopping Centre after the man allegedly snatched the musician’s food.

What was rather disturbing about the video was that the people who were watching were laughing and encouraging the beating.

The guy who was beating Trevor Dongo was an unkempt thug wearing dirty clothes, whom in normal circumstances should not be anywhere near someone regarded as a Zimbabwean celebrity. It was definitely the worst or most embarrassing moment he had ever experienced.

Elvis Chipezeze (Warriors goalkeeper)

Chipezeze did not only embarrass himself at the AFCON 2019 in Egypt, he embarrassed the whole team and the nation at large when he failed to save four goals from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Goalkeeper Elvis Chipezeze
Goalkeeper Elvis Chipezeze

Chipezeze’s first meaningful moment after just four minutes was calamitous as his poor save in parrying a relatively innocuous free-kick onto the crossbar allowed DR Congo to score.

He then went on to apologise on his Twitter account.

“I am here today to again apologise for the mistakes I have made and the embarrassment I have caused. I make this apology to my nation and my teammates also not forgetting the technical staff,” wrote Chipezeze.

Rockford Josphats “Roki” (musician)

Roki’s embarrassing moment was when he was disqualified from the Big Brother Africa in 2012.

Maneta and Roki
Maneta and Roki

Roki was involved in a fight with Maneta Muzanhi (another Zimbabwean who was part of the show), the two Zimbabweans had to be disqualified from that house and it became a typical case of much ado about nothing. Worse, still, they had seen two other housemates being disqualified for a similar offence. They never learnt.

Kuchinei Chatsama (musician)

The “Nyembesi” hitmaker said her embarrassing moment was when she screamed out loud greeting an old lady in town, she had mistaken for an old granny she knew who had a hearing problem. She said the old lady looked at her like she had seen a ghost.

Victor Kunonga (jazz musician)

It was at a function where former President Robert Mugabe, the late former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Professor Welshman Ncube and other VIPs were present.

Victor Kunonga
Victor Kunonga

Chiwoniso Maraire and the crooner were called onto the stage to perform, and clearly their technical requirements were not quite in place and it was such a scare for him, he revealed.

Lady Squanda (Zimdancehall musician)

In 2016, Lady Squanda mercilessly beat-up comedian Skimbo and made him lick her foot. She went on to record the abuse on video. What on earth would cause a woman, who is supposed to be a celebrity to resort to such behaviour?

Lady Squanda
Lady Squanda

Is it not the frustration of the industry itself? In fact the real reason Lady Squanda assaulted Skimbo was because she had been accused of stealing underwear from a lodge, which just about says it all.

Fergie (American musician)

When nature calls, you better answer. Fergie, however, did not respond to it and ended up embarrassing herself in front of the whole crowd. In 2015, while onstage Fergie peed at herself and the wet spot was quite visible on her light coloured trousers. Well, what can we say a little more self-control maybe?

Zac Efron (Actor)

Zac Efron had a moment of mortification on the red carpet at the premier of The Lorax back in 2012. While walking the carpet in front of all of the media outlets on hand, Efron reached into his pocket and accidentally dropped a condom on the ground in plain view. He quickly snatched it up, but was made fun of in the blog world for days on end. He even addressed the embarrassing moment on the Today Show.

Beyonce (Singer and actress)

Beyonce may be the biggest female pop star in the world and a mega celebrity, but it doesn’t mean she can avoid being embarrassed on a grand scale.


During one of her shows in Orlando back in 2007 Beyonce was dancing as only Beyonce can and decided to run down the stairs on her stage set. Poor Bey tripped and did a brutal faceplant down the steps. To her credit, she got right back up and continued performing like nothing happened.

Sadly for Beyonce, her 2007 Orlando stage face plant wasn’t her only embarrassing disaster. The singer and mega celeb had another awful stage moment in Montreal when she was performing her hit song “Halo.” Bey’s hair somehow managed to get caught in a fan blowing on her from the stage and she had to have her handlers struggle to get it out. Once again she was a total pro, and sang through the entire embarrassing ordeal. The Herald