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I’m down but not out: Blot

By Andrew Moyo

Blot, real name Takura Chiwoniso, was touted as the next big thing on the Zim dancehall scene, churning out hits and wowing crowds every time he graced the stage for live gigs.

Blot, real name Takura Chiwoniso
Blot, real name Takura Chiwoniso

For a moment, everything seemed to be going right for the then Chillspot Records poster boy.

But that was to change in 2017.

The talented chanter acrimoniously parted ways with the revered record label that had put him on the spotlight.

And the move seem to have marked the beginning of an end to the “Ndiri Bad” hit maker’s promising career. His form took a dip.

While Chillpspot moved on and “uncovered” Enzo Ishall, their current star, Blot is still struggling to regain lost fame.

The young chanter has, however, not given up and strongly believes he is on the verge of a major comeback.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail Society, Blot confirmed life after Chillspot has not been rosy for him.

“When I left Chillspot, or should I say when I was muscled out of the stable, it became very hard for me to push my work because the record label was the one which had been doing all that for me,” he said.

“I have the talent to create great music but at the same time I have very little knowledge about other areas like marketing and brand management so when I tried doing that on my own, I somehow failed hence it appears like I have been quiet all this time.”

The chanter has since engaged the services of a new manager, Tinashe Taka as remedy to his marketing and brand management predicament.

The music industry is a cutthroat jungle which devours those who cannot adapt in its dynamic environs.

It is a well-known fact that when it comes to pushing and hyping up Zim dancehall acts, Chillspot records are second to none and most artistes who drift away from their wings often find the going getting tough.

Only a handful of artistes have managed to survive and stay relevant after parting ways with the Mbare based record label.

“Chillspot has a lot of influence, they have a strong fan base. When I left, they created an impression that I had betrayed the people who had propped me up which meant that their followers were also no longer supporting my music. Because of this it became difficult for my music to circulate on the market.”

“There is an element of sabotage because the same strategy these guys used to push my work is the same strategy they are using to pull me down. I was doing all my recordings at Chillspot and did not have much freedom to work with other producers so my relationship with them was a bit strained and these are some of the bridges I had to mend when I started charting my own path.”

Blot who has already released numerous singles this year is currently working with various producers among them PTK and Cymplex.

One of his current singles titled “Back Again” points to the chanter not being a spent force.

“I am not finished, I don’t have an expiry date, so fans should look out for more music from me.

“While I am not allowed to ride on the Chillspot riddims that are being produced, I will be on those that are being released by other studios.

“My performance at the recently held Madirirano and the way fans responded is proof enough that I still have what it takes to conquer the industry,” said the chanter.

But certainly, only time will tell if his second shot at what he loves most pens out well. The Sunday Mail