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Police out in full force for holidays

By Mpumelelo Nyoni

More police officers have been deployed along the country’s major roads ahead of the Independence and Easter holidays to enforce road rules and fight crime.

File picture of a police roadblock in Zimbabwe
File picture of a police roadblock in Zimbabwe

In a statement, National Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, urged motorists to observe road rules during the holiday period.

He said the Zimbabwe Republic Police would be working with the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe and the Vehicle Inspection Department to conduct awareness campaigns and enforce road rules.

Ass Comm Nyathi urged members of the public to avoid travelling in unregistered vehicles as they risk having their valuables stolen.

“Drivers are implored not to overload vehicles and where possible avoid travelling at night. All motorists are urged to co-operate with police officers when stopped at roadblocks to avoid inconveniences,” he said.

“Police will be checking for various traffic violations, targeting stolen motor vehicles, minerals, moving criminals, cattle rustlers and drug traffickers among other offences.”

Ass Comm Nyathi said motorists must ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy.

“It is disturbing to note that drivers are overtaking in situations which do not allow them to do so safely and in the process get involved in collisions,” he said.

Ass Comm Nyathi said people must not gather in large numbers on the verge of the road but should use designated pickup points when waiting for public transport.

The police statement comes after 13 people died and seven others were injured at the Mugodhi shrine in Hwedza along the Hwedza-Mutiweshiri Road after a lorry carrying maize veered off the road and ran over people waiting for transport on the roadside. The Chronicle