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Asaph opens up on addiction

By Keith Mlauzi

Don’t leave your girl around rapper Asaph, he’s a true player for real! By his own admission he can’t let a pretty girl pass him.

High flying rapper, Asaph, has solidified his 'Hip Hop king' title
High flying rapper, Asaph, has solidified his ‘Hip Hop king’ title

“I admit man. I’m a loner and this has led me to being an addict to dating. I can’t do without a female’s company,” he said.

Fame comes with a lot of temptations that have possibly become one of the causes of the addiction.

“With fame comes a lot of temptations which have become the root cause of the addiction. Seeing ladies screaming at you makes one want to have those in his company. This also calls for self-control,” said the rapper.

The artiste said even if he was addicted to dating it did not mean he was a sex machine.

“I’m a dating addict but not a sex maniac or womaniser. I respect women very much,” he added.

Asaph went on to explain why he is a dating addict but not a sex addict.

“I just love having women around me but I do not go around sleeping with them, and I do not condone men who use women,” he said.

He said his addiction has been the reason why he has never been in a stable and strong relationship in the past.

“This addiction always gets the best of me and has been the reason for many break-ups,” he said.

He said his longest relationship lasted a year. That was before he was famous.

“The longest relationship I have been in lasted a year and it was before I became famous,” he added.

Asaph, who recently became a radio personality on local radio station Skyz Metro, is single.

“I’m single at the moment, the reason being I want to get over my addiction because it’s not good for my career and future,” he added. B-Metro