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Woman discovers ‘secret agent’ hubby has another wife, 13 kids

A British woman who thought her husband was a CIA agent has revealed her shock at finding out that he’s actually just a serial bigamist.

Mary Turner Thomson (53) from Edinburgh in Scotland, made headlines when it was revealed that her husband, William Allen Jordan (53) had duped several other women into marriage and fathered 13 children with six partners.

Mary thought she’d found the perfect man when she met William online in 2000. According to Daily Mail, she thought he was kind, caring, attentive and was a wonderful father to their two children.

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“I met William online when I was a single mom with a nine-month old baby. He was charming, and we sent emails back and forth before meeting up about two weeks later,” she said.

“After six months of being together I fell pregnant, which was a huge surprise because he told me he was infertile after having mumps as a child. He was so utterly convinced he couldn’t have kids.”

But she soon found out that lying about his fertility was just the tip of the iceberg. “He actually asked me to marry him within two weeks of meeting — I said no, but we did eventually get engaged, then were married for four years.”

Mary, who recently spoke out about her now ex-husband’s betrayal, said that he’d often disappear for months at a time on various “missions”.

This served as the perfect cover for him to spend time with his other families. He even claimed that he needed £200 000 to pay off enemies who’d threatened to chop up their children and send them home piece by piece in the post, according to The Sun. Mary sold everything, cashed out her life insurance and handed it over to him.

“I thought if we didn’t give them money, they’d kill the kids. I was living in abject error.”

But his sham was exposed in April 2006, when she got a phonecall from a woman named Michelle who told her “I’m the other Mrs Jordan.”

“She calmly told me that she and my husband had been married for 14 years and had five children together.

“He’d had numerous affairs and had fathered two children with their nanny. As she talked I realised that all three of us, Michelle, her nanny and I, had four-year-olds with the same father.

“We had all been pregnant at the same time. In fact, they had both been pregnant when Will first contacted me through an online dating agency.”

William was later jailed for bigamy, illegally possessing a stun gun, fraud, and other offences.  The Mirror.