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Elikem finds new love in Zimbabwe

By Bridget Mananavire

Socialite Pokello Nare’s ex-husband Elikem Kumordzie said he was happy to have finally found a woman who brought him closer to God.

Elikem Kumordzie
Elikem Kumordzie

Although Elikem has not revealed the name or the face of his new love, he has confirmed that she is from Zimbabwe, and has so far only shown the hands of his new lady.

Elikem and Pokello are currently involved in a divorce battle at the Harare High Court after about three years of marriage.

The Ghanaian tailor or fashion designer met Nare during their stay in the Big Brother Africa House.

Elikem’s new love comes as Pokello has also moved on with Dubai-based boyfriend Ronald Muzambe whom she has been spending time with.

Jackie Ngarande, Pokello Nare and Ronald Muzambe
Jackie Ngarande, Pokello Nare and Ronald Muzambe

“This being said I have moved on and am now very happy and enjoying new experiences in my journey with my head up. I am truly excited for this realisation and ready to let life cascade me through this beautiful journey. This journey is beautiful because I am sharing it with someone who shares the same visions and the same belief as me. I am sharing it with an exciting and incredible person who has brought me closer to God. Who has made understand what prayer means,” Elikem said.

“When you have a woman who tells you daily that ‘life is meaningless unless you put God first in everything’, it’s at this point you realise that the life of partying and being out there is vanity. Prayer becomes the Master Key and I’m happy to have realised it.”

Big Brother lovebirds Pokello and Elikem
Big Brother lovebirds Pokello and Elikem in happier times

He wrote this as part of a “self-reflection” post accompanied with a picture of him all suited up.

“Life has shown me that through its scope you live and learn, learn and live while moments can either break you or mend scars for the good through its ups and downs. The beauty of its ups and downs is that they take you through journeys you never thought you’d embark on and make ordinaries extraordinariness or vice versa,” he wrote.

“Through it mistakes are made and lessons are learnt, however the journey continues and we have to embrace it. Today life has given me the chance to be able to count my blessings and never hate myself but pick myself up and keep moving forward because everything happens for a reason and these have moulded me to be who I am today.”

Elikem and Pokello with their son
Elikem and Pokello with their son

Elikem and Pokello have a son together.

After the separation, Elikem posted a short video of an engagement ring with a big rock recently with the caption: “I’m definitely not making a mistake on the next one. The right one.” Daily News