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Wife made to quit job, wants upkeep

By Lisa Mangena

A Bulawayo man was yesterday dragged to court by his wife who was claiming money for the upkeep of their two-year-old child and spousal maintenance saying he made her quit her job.

Ms Vivian Vujaka was claiming $180 from Mr Lazarus Mafara: $100 for child upkeep and $80 for spousal maintenance. She said Mr Mafara asked her to quit her job in Masvingo and live with him in Bulawayo.

“I’m unemployed because of him and he has since started acting funny towards me that’s why I need money to take care of myself. We are married under customary law and I’m sure that the law permits me to be taken care of,” she said.

The magistrate Ms Ulukile Mlea asked Mr Mafara if he was married and had children with any other woman.

In response, he said he had separated with Ms Vujaka and was married to another woman with whom they have two children.

“I’m married to someone else and we have two children together. I only visit Ms Vujaka when I want to see my daughter. She is well aware that l have other children,” said Mr Mafara.

Ms Vujaka said Mr Mafara was not being honest to the court.

“Your honour that’s not true, he doesn’t have any other children and we are married. This is our fifth year together. He only has a girlfriend who often visits him. He has to give me enough money to support me and our child,” she said.

Mr Mafara offered $70 for child upkeep but Ms Vujaka rejected it saying it was not enough for rentals and all her needs.

The magistrate ordered Mr Mafara to pay $120; $70 for child upkeep and $50 for spousal maintenance.

“This money will be garnished directly from your salary with effect from December this year until the child attains 18 and Ms Vujaka becomes self-supportive or until divorce or separation,” she said. The Chronicle.