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Fashion statements at Mnangagwa’s inauguration

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Fashion gurus Carly Cushine and Michelle Ochs once said, “Life is too short to be wearing boring clothes”. They meant that everyday should be a fashion day. The world is your runway so make sure you leave a mark of fashion each time you walk out.

Hats and sunglasses were the popular style at the ceremony
Hats and sunglasses were the popular style at the ceremony

It is true that fashion statements shape events. Dressing style can reveal the nature of event people would be attending. Styles can classify people attending church service, party, wedding or funeral.

With that in mind, Zimbabweans from all walks of life who attended President Mnangagwa’s inauguration at the National Sports Stadium made outstanding fashion statements.

Diplomats, ministers, celebrities, judges and fashion icons were in attendance. They all showed their different fashion statements bound by the celebratory tone of the day.

Because we are in summer season, there are some of the fashion accessories that are a must for everyone which include hats and sunglasses.

Sunglasses were the order of the day at the inauguration. They did not only match the outfits donned by the guests, but also served a purpose from the scotching heat.

Again most ladies donned the fascinators which matched their outfits and purses.

Outstanding aspects included the burgundies and purples which are really strong this season.

“We’ve been selling a lot. African prints also have been strong. The African print — dubbed Shona ankra — also made a fashion statement at the event, the good thing is you have to play well with your tailor.

A lady at the inauguration ceremony with shoes matching her party regalia
A lady at the inauguration ceremony with shoes matching her party regalia

“But I think if you’re going to do a print, definitely keep the silhouette simple like what most ladies did,” said local fashion designer Murray Tu Saldaba.

She said beauty does not always come cheap.

“With such temperatures, I salute the ladies for wearing the right foundation of makeup and they shed it with the hats and umbrella,” she said.

There were others with party regalia as fashion statements. Those who managed to play around with the material did it so well.

A 73-year-old Chivhu woman could not be left out as she had a matching outfit with a shoe made from Zanu PF party colours.

“In many respects, it’s fashion and also ceremonial dressing. It has to fulfil a function. It’s not just about fashion, it’s about having a certain seriousness. There might be a message to be put across,” said Trish Carmen, a fashion consultant.

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