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Uebert Angel takes on Whatsapp…. launches Atom Call Soft Phone

Prominent preacher/businessman Uebert Angel is taking on Facebook-owned messaging giant WhatsApp, with the launch of his Atom Call Soft Phone that has a similar “but better service ” which is now available on The App Store (IOS) and later on Google Play Store (Android).

Businessman/preacher Uebert Angel
Businessman/preacher Uebert Angel

A few months after declaring himself a serial investor, Angel splashed out over 1 million Euros on a hotel in France, a few weeks after that he launched a new energy drink called BLACK cipher GOLD. The launch of the Atom Call Soft Phone appears to be a continuation of his aggressive expansion plan.

Announcing the new project on his Instagram page Angel wrote; “Hello World”, AtomCall soft phone is here! If you are on IOS, Download our low data usage new soft phone with free app to app Chat, HD voice and HD video calling which works even on 2G internet and also value international calling with direct HD call capabilities that enable you to call direct phones and landlines.

“My whole office is moving from WhatsApp now… BUT **** IF you don’t have iOS we got you covered so by the 13th of August we will have launched the AtomCall soft phone on Android. ***IF YOU ARE ON iOS GET THIS NOW!!!!.”

According to the company, the biggest selling point for Atom Call is that it saves on data. Atom Call says that it is 7 times better than WhatsApp and other apps in terms of data consumption. So confident is the company of its new offering, its Moto is “Anywhere, Anytime, AnySignal”.

Low data usage

Designed to work with slow and crowded network connections, AtomCall consumes less mobile data. You can make HD voice and video calls for up to 7 minutes consuming only 1MB of bandwidth. 

AtomCall says it cares about your wallet. The “Low Data Usage” tab on the app can be toggled when to save precious data when making phone calls on slow or expensive network connections. 

AtomCall also says its “the most economical app on the market and allows you to make high quality calls for up to 7 minutes using a single Megabyte of bandwidth.

Security and Privacy

Atom Call says Your privacy is their priority. “Your communication is secure with AtomCall and never stored on any server. Only you can see what you write or share with your friends.  AtomCall is the most secure messenger thanks to its server-less concept and revolutionary technologies.”

HD Voice and Video Calls

The platform allows you to enjoy HD voice and video calls with anyone on AtomCall and you never miss even a word. AtomCall recovers lost voice and video data to keep your communication going.

Tired of low-resolution grainy videos? Atom Call are promising free HD Video chats. At 720p resolution with photo-realistic colours and crystal clear voice.

AtomCall also promise to keep you securely connected in public spaces, cafés, or airports and automatically adapts to your Internet connection to always provide you with HD quality calls.

Fast and Private Messaging 

On the platform you can send instant messages, share photos, videos or any other files when you cannot make a call. It also allows you to record voice and video messages with a single tap to capture moments of your life and share with your friends and family.

“Unlike others we do not store any of your data on any servers: not your messages, not even your contact information. There are all the features you need: send photos and videos, files, and location. Create group chats to keep in touch with your family or coworkers,” the company says.

Call Forwarding 

The platform allows you to get real roaming at a fraction of the cost while traveling. 

Call back 

If there is almost no Internet and AtomCall struggles to connect, you can bite the bullet and pay a long-distance charge, AtomCall promises a solution for you and you can request a Callback and enjoy much cheaper call rates. 

At various sermons in his ‘Spirit Embassy: The Good News Church’, Angel keeps repeating one mantra, that church leaders must not rely on offerings from their congregation but should rather start businesses that are capable of financing their churches and ministries.

In a past interview with Nehanda Radio, Angel declared himself a “serial investor” and continues to expand his business portfolio with one new venture after another. 

For more information you can visit the Atom Call website