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Stray dogs menace in Chiredzi

By Tawanda Mangoma

Residents here have implored the Department of Veterinary Services to kill stray dogs that have become a menace amid an increase in the number of reported cases of rabies. Since January this year suspected rabid dogs have attacked five people in Chiredzi.

Chiredzi Residents and Ratepayers Association chairman Mr Jonathan Muusha last week decried the surge in the number of stray dogs that posed a serious threat to the safety of residents.
Mr Muusha said residents with dogs should always secure their premises.

“We are deeply concerned as residents associations with the threat posed by stray dogs in Chiredzi town and what is more alarming is that the population of stray dogs keeps rising and we appeal to residents to make sure their premises are secure if they want to keep dogs,” he said.

“As key stakeholders in the District Civil Protection Committee we also undertook to contribute financially towards the holding of awareness campaigns around the town to concientise residents of the need to look after their dogs and to be wary of stray dogs.”

Mr Muusha lamented the failure by the Veterinary Department and Chiredzi Town Council to embrace the initiative to carry awareness campaigns over the stray dogs menace in the town.

“We are very disappointed that nothing has been done to raise awareness about the dangers posed by stray dogs and since January we have five cases of children and elderly people who have been attacked by rabid dogs and infected with rabies,” he said.

Mr Muusha said residents wanted council and the Veterinary Department to join forces and eliminate stray dogs and ensure the safety of residents in Chiredzi Town.

Residents said the only way to end the rabies menace was to take out stray dogs that roam freely along the streets.

Chiredzi Town Council chairman councillor Francis Moyo said the local authority was equally worried about a spike in rabies cases in humans. The Herald