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Olinda and Tytan wed….. as Stunner celebrates freedom

By Bongani Ndlovu

Rapper Stunner’s ex-lover, Olinda Chapel, is now Olinda Nkomo after tying the knot with musician Tytan Skhokho (real name Njabulo Mayibongwe Nkomo) during a private ceremony held in Harare on Friday.

Tytan and Olinda wedding
Tytan and Olinda wedding

Already, on her social media pages, she has appended Tytan’s surname to hers even though this was not the “actual wedding”, but a small ceremony to legalise their relationship.

Pictures of the union started circulating on social media late Friday afternoon showing the couple with beaming smiles as they put pen to paper.

Some of the pictures were of the couple’s marriage certificate which was a Chapter 5.11, according to the Marriage Act of Zimbabwe.

Comedian Tyra ‘Madam Boss’ Chikocho, who was at the ceremony, featured in most pictures and convinced many that she was Olinda’s best girl. However, Olinda set the record straight that her sister Tsitsi Zireva was her best girl.

While thousands sent congratulatory messages to the newlyweds, Olinda’s ex-lover’s girlfriend – Dion Chasa – seemed a bit jealous as she posted saying she was waiting for the couple’s divorce.

Olinda swiftly replied to her and said: “May you wait till kingdom come. Taiti kuroya requires rusero, tudhori and being stark naked. I guess even kuroya has evolved in 2018.”

As for Stunner, he posted: “Finally I’m free” on his Facebook page. This drew as much laughter and criticism from fans with some saying the message was not directed at Olinda and Tytan while others said Stunner was pained that his ex-wife had found happiness after their tumultuous marriage.

However, Stunner, responding to comments on his post, said he meant that he had finished recording his latest album and was now free to do as he pleased.

Away from the Stunner and Dion shade, Olinda said the real wedding is set to happen soon. Though the dates for the wedding are yet to be advised as the two are keeping tight lids on their plans, Olinda has already given her friends and family tasks to do.

At her wedding, she said, she wants VIP Hosting luxury wedding planners to do the decor before honeymooning at a beach and then having a baby with Tytan.

“I want a full big wedding with thousands of guests. I want a custom made wedding dress with Tendai Kevin Zhou, Craig Zoowie and Lungi Dlodlo doing some out of this world decor with upside down hanging from the ceiling cakes.

“The honeymoon will be somewhere with blue water and white beaches. I want an amazing baby shower with an out of this world gender reveal,” posted Olinda.

Olinda and Tytan have been grabbing headlines with people questioning their relationship considering their age difference.

In March this year, the duo was in the limelight with social media users claiming that Chapel had given Tytan money to pay for her lobola. The Chronicle