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Simuka finds new home at Alliance Francaise

BY Kundai Marunya

After three years of homelessness which forced them to suspend performances for a year, Simuka Comedy has finally found a new home at Alliance Francaise. Their destitution came following the closure of Book Café due to a financial crisis back in 2013.

Doc Vikela, laughing his way to the top
Doc Vikela, laughing his way to the top

Simuka Comedy founder Victor Mpofu aka Doc Vikela said prior to their arrangement with Alliance Francaise they were forced to suspend the comedy night due to lack of a suitable venue.

“We had to find a viable venue that could partner with us. Alliance Francaise unveiled the Old Mutual Theatre and we are now in partnership to bring Simuka Comedy every last Thursday of the month,” said Mpofu.

Last month the recurrent comedy club returned with vigour, and diversity with a cracking line-up featuring Prosper The Comic Pastor, Tinaye and Wencelacy “Kadem” Katuka.

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Tomorrow they feature a fresh pack of comedians namely, Simuka Comedy founder and veteran comedian Doc Vikela, Long John, Prince Louis and King Kandoro.

“The difference from previous years is that now we have a greater pool of comics hence variety is guaranteed every month,” said Mpofu.

Talking growth, Doc Vikela said the absence of a regular performance platform affect development of comics.

“You need a platform to perform and perfect your jokes. The more we do Simuka Comedy and other comic nights the better we become,” he said.

This month’s host King Kandoro (real name Mukudzei Kandoro Majoni) also bemoaned lack of performance space.

“We tried starting up Monomotapa Comedy Nights but that fell apart after two shows. Before that we had had Comedy Thursdays at Inakis Meat Lounge but that fell through also.”

As for what to expect, King Kandoro promises, “A good show for the most part and the answer to why it has taken me this long to get over Mugabe’s resignations.” Simuka Comedy is a flagship monthly comedy night that dates back from 2011. It is credited for the creation of a local stand-up comedy industry and the emergence of many comics. The Herald