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Commercial model scores big

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Commercial model Vimbai Mukambi said the industry is not all rosy as it seems but it can sustain livelihoods if taken seriously.

Vimbai Mukambi
Vimbai Mukambi

Mukambi is one of the highest paid local commercial models including Jackie Ngarande, Pokello Nare, Malaika Mushandu, Brita Maselethulini, Hillary Makaya and Nyasha Matonhodze said she is earning a living through modelling.

She is the face of OK Grand Challenge 2017 and 2018 promotions, CABS bank 2017, DSTV Multichoice Hakuna TV 2015, Castle Lager since 2014, calendar girl for Dairiboard Zimbabwe, Cinderella Hair 2015, and JanJam 2017 among others.

She has appeared on Tocky Vibes popular video, “Hande Tocky” and recently she was the video vixen on Killer T trendy video “Ndamuda”.

In an interview, the bubbly model said she quit her job to pursue a career in modelling.

“Modelling is now my lifestyle. I quit my job to venture full time in this modelling business.

“I can call myself as the ‘‘promo-queen or campaign queen’’ for adverts as they have used my face on several promotions.

“Some questioned about my presence in Killer T video and I can safely confirm, yes that is me and there is more to come,” she said.

With such beauty, the model said she will never go naked or dress down for a shoot.

“I have morals. I know some will do shoots naked or semi-nude, but I wouldn’t go that route.

“People should understand that it is not easy being a model.

“You are supposed to meet the requirements, that is diet to skin tone. Again in the industry sometimes you may be harassed or mistaken for a prostitute but people forget that it is just like any other job and should be taken seriously to sustain livelihoods,” she said.

Mukambi said she was happy with how her endorsements have gone so far.

“2018 is a good year for me already. Every month I have a shoot and have to maintain my contracts.

“Through my management, I am happy with the endorsements , I am the most highly paid commercial model.

“I am a freelancer not attached to any agency and being on advert or video pays a lot and I thank God for my looks,” she said.

Asked if she has any model demands on set, Mukambi said she is just an ordinary girl.

“Yes I maybe beautiful but not to that extent that I need white roses or crystallised water among other weird demands we see and hear about. I am just a girl next door. I work with what is there.

“ I remember going to auditions and they turned me away stating that I am short.

“I chose commercial modelling because I felt my strength lies in that area because of my height,” she said.

Mukambi is also the brains behind famous local Toddlers and Tiaras pageant.

“It seems the country is slow in adapting and understanding to this industry.

“Some clients delay to pay us although they rush to set up the adverts and billboards and this greatly affects us.

“Also there are some agencies who use same pictures over and over again because they wouldn’t want to pay you which is a disadvantage to us,” she said. The Herald