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Ster Kinekor turns up heat with Girlfriends Getaway

By Melissa Mpofu

Ladies attending the Girlfriends Getaway fun night out at the movies at Ster Kinekor tonight have been urged to dress up in school uniforms or college wear.

Comedy film Life of the party will be premiered at the getaway – a gathering meant for ladies to unwind. This movie will also serve as a belated Mother’s Day celebration as it follows a newly divorced mother Deanna Miles who returns to college to complete her degree, only to end up enrolled in her daughter’s classes. The daughter, as expected is not comfortable with the idea of going to college with her mother. The mother however plunges headlong into the campus experience and embraces freedom, fun and the frat boys on her own terms and finds her true self in a senior year no one ever expected.

In line with the Life of the party movie and to add onto the fun, Ster Kinekor has advised all those attending to dress like school or college girls.

“Ladies ought to dress like a school girl or college girl. There’ll be a prize for the best dressed,” said Ster Kinekor Bulawayo spokesperson Maybe Simbisai.

This will definitely make the outing more interesting as the ladies will grab the limelight when they walk up to the movie house at the Bulawayo Centre clad in uniforms headed to the red carpet. What will be more fun is the fact that from the movie house, the ladies will go for an after-party, often at Red Café still in the uniforms and it will likely be some crazy night. This will definitely make the ladies unwind making this the perfect pick-me-up.

The leading cinema in the country has been running the getaways for the past couple of months on Thursdays. Often sold out, this has proven to be a perfect outing for ladies as they get to forget all their problems by hooking up with their friends, gossiping in a relaxed environment.

For $7, not only are the ladies privileged to exclusively watch the latest movie that will be premiered on that particular week, but they are also treated to an assortment of snacks. Unlimited wine, which is known to make women happy, is availed in abundance to get them in the mood.

As if that is not enough, fine brother, DJ Nospa will be on standby serenading the ladies with good music while charming M.C Arthur Evans runs competitions where prizes like beds will be on offer.

This is just a warm up to the getaway. With about an hour to network and play games before the movie begins, the Girlfriends Getaway has become a must-attend for most ladies for varying reasons.

For those who love cocktails, Copa Cubbana will be the best place to go after the movie as this has proven to be the home of cocktails. Zarah Lounge will be another good spot to end the night or Backroom Shisha in Bradfield for the unique shisha experience which is growing in popularity. The Chronicle