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Winky D takes ‘Gombwe’ to Nyanga

Zimdancehall king Winky D is spreading wings to many parts of the country as he takes his new album “Gombwe” to fans that rarely see him on stage.

Winky D performing at the launch
Winky D performing

This weekend he goes touring in the Eastern Highlands where he is scheduled to have a show at Montclair Hotel in Nyanga on Saturday. The show is an executive dancehall affair that will see local and international tourists having a feel of Winky D’s energetic stage presence. It is also expected to attract executives and big spenders from the Nyanga community that love dancehall music but rarely witness such shows.

Accompanying Winky D on the tour would be ZiFM’s ZiDancehall Empire that is expected to churn out mixed selections of various hits. Organisers of the event have roped in young artistes from Nyanga to promote talent within their community. Montclair Hotel has become a refreshing entertainment resort for people that love good live music while touring one of the country’s fascinating natural scenes. Located at a strategic point for tourist activities in the scenic Eastern Highlands, the hotel attracts guests from many parts of the country and abroad.

Their entertainment programmes are meant to give visitors a taste of local music while affording local holiday-goers an opportunity to sample some of trending hits in a relaxed environment.

Montclair Hotel sales assistant Nicola Maisvoreva said they are considering beefing up their entertainment programme for the year and bring a different arrangement from previous years.

“We host Oliver Mtukudzi for his annual winter concert, but this year’s programme will ensure that each quarter a local musician spices up activities at the hotel. Winky D will be our musician for this quarter and we are looking forward to more exciting performances in addition to the usual Tuku winter affair,” said Nicola. We have engaged artistes from Nyanga that include DJs Man Gee, Courtney and Ras Kumbu as well as dancehall singer Falcon so that they can get exposure. People from surrounding areas have been asking about the event while some avid travellers from some big cities in the country have shown interest in the event since we sent promotional material on social media. We are expecting a good event.”

Commenting on what people should expect from the hotel during the event, Montclair Hotel sales and marketing manager Busi Tutani said they have prepared a package that will make the event memorable for most guests.

“We have put in place an attractive package that will see people getting accommodation, meals, show tickets and access to other activities at the hotel for a fixed fee.

“We want to ensure that people that come for the show get the best hospitality that will complement the good music of the night. . People should take time from their busy schedules and have time to refresh and party with Winky D at our spectacular hotel,” said Busi. The Herald