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Shadowy group runs amok in Sakubva

A MYSTERIOUS group of people suspected to be soldiers on a revenge mission, turned Sakubva high density upside down last week, when it randomly assaulted people in the township — hardly two weeks after a soldier and footballer was attacked by a machete in the township.

Soldiers seen here beating up an unidentified man
Soldiers seen here beating up an unidentified man

The army disowned the group while police spokesperson Charity Charamba said they were investigating the incidents.

Residents, however, said the shadowy group could have been soldiers on a revenge mission following the attack on their colleague, Kudzai Mwaramba who had his arm amputated following a horrific attack by a man suspected to be part of a gang known as The Japanese gang, Hardwork Mushati.

Mushati has been charged with attempted murder after he attacked Mwaramba, who apart from being a soldier, was a footballer with Eastern Region army side, Buffaloes.

The suspected soldiers left dozens of people injured — including body builders at a city gym — in hair-raising scenes which left residents of Sakubva shocked.

Residents said the group was looking for the members of the notorious “Japanese gang” which was accused of harassing people.

Police were forced to deploy heavily armed riot teams to try and bring order to the township.

“We are, however, not treating it (the incident) like an entrenched gang violence incident and we are open to any information that can prove that it was not just an isolated incident,” Charamba told Eastern News.

Two weeks ago, Mwaramba was attacked by Mushati who swung a machete at him as he tried to stop a scuffle which had occurred over control of a car wash.

He had his arm amputated as a result.

The court was recently told that Mushati had been on the run for more than a year.

Prosecutor Matthew Chimutunga told the court that Mushati was a wanted man who had been evading the police for more than a year after he skipped trial in a case of assaulting his daughter.

The court was also told that Mushati had assaulted police officers and unlawfully left their custody in 2016. Daily News