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Colorado shooting: ‘Nonchalant’ gunman kills three

Three people have died after a shooting in a supermarket in suburban Colorado.

Police say this is the man that they are looking for in connection with the supermarket shooting

A gunman “nonchalantly” walked into a Walmart supermarket and opened fire, killing three, police say.

Two men died at the scene of the shooting and a wounded woman was taken to a hospital where she died.

Police say that the gunman “randomly” opened fire, before fleeing in a red four-door hatchback. He is still at large and police are trying to identify him with video footage.

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The shooting occurred shortly after 18:00 local time on Wednesday (midnight GMT) in a suburban Walmart supermarket in Thornton, 10 miles (16km) north-east of the state capital of Denver.

Thornton Police Department spokesman Victor Aliva said there was no indication as to motive at this stage.

“We can’t rule anything out,” he said. “What we have determined is that it is random as of right now,” Mr Aliva said, according to Reuters news agency.

Aaron Stephens, 44, of Thornton, said he was inside paying at a self-checkout till when he heard gunshots and the sound of ricocheting bullets.

He recounted that “the employees started screaming and the customers started screaming” as people began to flee the store. “I ran out, too, because I didn’t want to get shot.” BBC