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Most African Christians are lazy and ignorant

By Bhaudhi Mabhaudhi

My inbox is currently buzzing and overflowing with your messages of encouragement and appreciation. Please note, never think that I am a hero, I am not a hero and I will never be a hero. Let’s not create heroes or idols, let’s focus on the prize “FREEDOM”. Now to business….

GRASS ROOTS: Members of the Rabboni Centre Ministries, under 'miracle man' pastor Lesego Daniel, eat grass as part of a ritual to show that humans can be controlled by the spirit of God
GRASS ROOTS: Members of the Rabboni Centre Ministries, under ‘miracle man’ pastor Lesego Daniel, eat grass as part of a ritual to show that humans can be controlled by the spirit of God

We left Zimbabwe yesterday for South Africa and oh my oh my!!. I see churches on every corner. The streets of Johannesburg are lit with pentecostal signage. It’s a Wednesday night and our sisters are rushing to evening services. I see multitudes of denominations, from spirit of what what to the pentecostal ministry of what what!

On the signage you see pastors wearing some expensive designer suits and some bling, be an expensive ring or some slick jewellery. They all have that same stance when they pose for billboard pictures. As we walk down the streets we can hear some instruments marinate the semi dark Joburg streets.

I am a Christian by birth and a firm believer. What I am about to say will hurt some of my fellow Christians especially those who are in the church leadership. I used to play drums in my former church, christian seminars and other religious functions. You see if you’re an instrument player in the choir or praise and worship you have unlimited access to the back office and pastors house. You are treated more like a little VIP by the pastors and the other congregants.

As a hobbyist drummer I no longer go to church on a Sunday or Wednesday evening. I pray and worship in my own house. I have seen things, evil deeds. Out of the 20 plus churches I have played in only about 2 are real churches, the rest are just cash cows. The so called Pastor’s are after our monies. Not only money but church members bonk each other like nobodies business. Our sisters are being f$@ked like nobodies business in these churches. We have players in the choirs who move from one pretty girl to another. Back in Zimbabwe I know of brothers who have slept with more than 5-10 ladies in the same church.

Most Pastors in Zimbabwe, South Africa have turned to black magic and fake miracles. Their mission is to get as much money as possible, as many ass as possible and as many members as possible. You have pastors rolling in bentley’s and lamborghini’s while their congregants are using taxi’s. They give you a bumper sticker for protection while they have bodyguards. You stupid!!!! Stupid stupid stupid!!! They ask you to give your last taxi fare or petrol money to them. They hire other con artists to fake miracles and testimonies.

Some Pastors have amplified their ventures to premium JUJU, top notch voodoo. They summon the devil or fallen angels. We have a new wave of fake prophets who can tell you your future or your past. All these cohorts can tell you your cellphone number, house number or what you ate last year. I have seen one who could light a fire without a fire lighter. He would pour lots of water on papers, stomp the papers and a fire would start “on wet papers”. This pastor could also predict the future, tell you your own secrets! How did he do it? They partner with marine spirits, demons and fallen angels.

You see when you were a born a demon was there, when you stole that meat when you were still a little boy a demon was there, when you lost your virginity to a prostitute a demon was there, when your parents died a demon was there, when your sister gave birth a demon was there. These fake prophets channel these evil entities, be territorial spirits, fallen angels or demons. Demons are witnesses of events and so are holy angels. It’s not easy to hear from holy Angels but far much easier to channel demons. Demons are always ready and looking for opportunities to manifest and work in the physical.

The moment a Prophet tell you that you ate sadza and mufushwa yesterday you scream “Yes Papa”, and “torai yese” you open your wallet. Damn really, just like that. They tell you to place a seed. In church these days we have speed points at our disposals. A church with 5000 members produces a rough figure of R2 000 000/R2 MiIlion rand every month, just tithe. R24 Million plus per year! I was in a service once were the pastor was trying to raise R5 million in a single night in Sandton, TAX FREE. These guys live luxurious lives, they wine and dine with some of our politicians in secret meetings. They have important lawmakers on speed dial.

If you want to find a poor guy these days then go to a church and you will find five there. Why is it most Muslims andJews are wealthy? Remember Mohammed Mussa or Walk Tall Shoes? These guys are not Christians but they can take care of your entire family for life. These guys be Jews or whatever they own properties in CBD’s be Harare, South Africa, New York or Dubai. What is their secret? “They grind like mother$%$#rs” These guys work day in day out. They don’t wait for manna from heaven, they don’t wait for papa to bless them. Instead of working we go from church to church looking for financial miracles.

Africans you’re stupid enough to be tricked by these fake prophets. Instead of investing in yourselves you go and give away to these money hungry morons. Two faced liars who are ruthless. They don’t care if you will sleep hungry today. In your church how many orphans or widows do you have? Does your church have a monthly budget for the poor?? You see these guys will never give back to the poor because their voodoo does not allow them to help the poor. You see Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. He never helps the poor. Hence most people in the church will always remain poor.

They talk miracle money!!! Really? Have you ever seen anyone who received $100 000 miraculously, in his/her account? Show me 1 and I will give you $500. I have never seen  a mag tape label replaced my “miracle money label”, how do they define miracle money in the financial institutions? How do they justify that money to the taxman? Please note, I am not saying God cannot send a helper to bless you but these days our preachers are taking it too far.

As much as I want to name them let me not go too far. You all know them by name. You have these guys who are coming with theories from theology. The bible said nothing shall be added or subtracted but we have 20 interpretations of one verse these days. It’s only the devil in a sheep’s clothing. Lets not be fooled and lets not depend on other people’s prayers. Open your eyes, you’re being robbed by these fake brothers, They take from you and invest in properties, bitcoin and stock exchanges.

They are building empires and dynasties at your expenses. You will never find a white church with such evil greediness. Give at freewill not because you want God to hear your prayers. God hears prayers, God blesses. Our own sins are the ones who are shielding us from hearing from God. God is a God of mercy and grace. He will never forsake you, only you can go far from God. The lord said ask and it shall be given unto you. Only ask, believe and have faith like a mustard seed.

Christianity has been turned into a business now. Lets not be lied to by these voodoo priests. Open your eyes and see the truth. Look for a bible based church which focuses on salvation not prosperity gospel. Be on the lookout for fake pastors and prophets. Only a few real churches out there!