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Zanu PF will rule even if it loses 2018 elections – Official

Re-elected Zanu PF chairman for Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira has said opposition political parties in the country should not waste time participating in the 2018 elections because Zanu PF will still rule even if it loses that plebiscite.

Ezra Chadzamira

He also warned people from Masvingo to unite and stop people from other provinces from plundering Masvingo’s resources.

“Tsvangirai won the 2008 Presidential Election, did he rule this country. Did you not know the way to State House.

“It is a sheer waste of time for the opposition political parties to go to elections against Zanu PF in 2018,” said Chadzamira.

He said Zanu PF will rule until the end of time. He was speaking at an inter-district meeting in Rutenga.

He added that going for elections, for Zanu PF was just a formality. He warned that it was also a way of allowing those who are against the party to come out so the party can crash them.

“We go for elections to identify crooks in the party (kuvhota kungoitawo zvedu kuti tione kuti matsotsi akawandira kupi). Zanu PF will rule this country till the end of time let me tell you,” said Chadzamira.

He said resources from the Province were being looted by people from outside. He called upon the people of Masvingo to unite and stop outsiders from getting an upper hand on the province’s resources.

“We are the richest province in whole country but we are poor. There is a lot of pillage of our resources from this province by outsiders.

“Some people are making us fight one another here in Masvingo whilst they are looting our resources. Let us not be used to that extent,” said Chadzamira. Radio VOP