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Cynthia Mare releases ‘Ngoro’ video

By Tawanda Matanhire

Afro-fusion singing sensation Cynthia Mare yesterday released the long-awaited “Ngoro” video from her last album, which features dance choreographer John Cole.

Cynthia Mare
Cynthia Mare

The video was done in comic style and was filmed at Seke rural settlements and is about a lady who is on her way to the rural home when she has an encounter with a man Tinashe (John Cole) who tried his luck to lure her to be his wife.

The poor man who is travelling in a scotch cart charms the lady but the beautiful woman insists on seeing his parents first.

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Tinashe is ready for anything and has to use the only source of transport at his disposal to carry her new found queen to his parents.

The video appreciates people with a rural upbringing portraying them as humorous and creative.

It shows that anyone who is determined can get whatever they wish for in life as long as they are ready to go through the rough patches. Mare said she wanted to express her artistic prowess in a different way from what her fans were used to.

“This is hopefully an appealing video for my fans as I wanted to see a different me in art form. I think it is a funny story, which people can relate to in this day and age,” Mare said.

Clad in grey torn short trousers, a blue buttonless shirt and a brown hat Tinashe adds the flavour to the video with his stylist dances and funny gestures which if a person gets to see the beginning of the storyline, he will be curious to find out what happens till the end.

He marinates the beautiful lady and eventually wins her heart on a single afternoon which is typical of many relationships in the present day.

The video was directed by Nyasha Manamike, while Simon Itayi Mungazi was the cameraman. It was edited by Tinashe Mombeshora and Nyaradzo Muchena. Mare said she is working on a video album which she expect to finish early 2017. The Herald