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Dereck Mpofu shows another musical side in new track

By Tinashe Sibanda | Nehanda Showbiz |

The Green Ambassador, Dereck Mpofu is currently making waves with his new love track ‘Dzoka Kumba’ in which he teamed up with the award winning Cynthia Mare to come up with a track that will make people see him differently.

Dereck Mpofu and Cynthia Mare
Dereck Mpofu and Cynthia Mare

The track allows Mpofu to be identified with the day to day lives of people and instead of singing about the environment he took a different, yet interesting shift to love. The love song depicts a separated couple that has become love sick but pride gets in their way.

The track is a hearty Afro-beat track of love and regret in a dialogue between the man and woman; but furthermore it kind of insinuates just how much true love eventually conquers all and never returns void despite any ups and downs along the way.

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“It’s a classic love song but not only is it a love song of intent but also regret and reconciliation which is the epitome of true love where after the fuss and fighting the man realizes how much he needs the woman in his life,” he said.

Mpofu said it identified with people in the sense that it is work that has made them see him in another light other than just environmental issues, tourism or patriotism.

He added that the reception has been very good, those of various ages and backgrounds can somehow relate to it not mentioning the fair share of airplay it has received on various radio platforms.

The video for Dzoka Kumba will be shot beginning September 10 when Cynthia Mare returns from the United Kingdom where she currently is and that is definitely something listeners can look forward to.

“Even those in the diaspora have given good feed back to the song which will be part of the album Godobori from which 3 singles namely Dzoka Kumba, Mari and the title track Godobori are to be released first,” Mpofu told Nehanda Radio.

He added that he loved doing the different styles of music and many had identified the Afrocentric side of his music likening him to the likes of SA’s Jabu Kanyile which he truly loved as Kanyile happens to be one of his greatest inspirations.

“The Choral side of my music is inspired by R.Kelly who has a contradiction of what the church accepts and what he doesn’t which is something I can relate to,” Mpofu added.

He said at times in churches people think naturally because the artist is a congregant they have to automatically sing gospel music but that is not it.

Mpofu to date has 3 studio commercial albums and one being an environmental album. These are namely Handizirini(2010), Doctor Philosophy(2012-13) and Mr Green Ambassador Sir(2014). He hit the limelight mainly with his track Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe of 2010 which was his first well known track.

He started sing in Primary school while living in Mutare although he is originally from Plumtree. Although his parents have since located to Bulawayo Mpofu currently lives in Harare as the Goodwill ambassador for Environmental Water Conservation and Zero Littering under Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate as well as for the city of Harare. Nehanda Radio