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I am attached to my Bluetooth earpiece: Suluman Chimbetu

By Sharon Muguwu

Suluman “Sulu” Chimbetu is so attached to his Bluetooth device that he even forgets to take it off when he goes to bed.

Sulumani Chimbetu and wife Linda
Sulumani Chimbetu and wife Linda

For Chimbetu, the dangling earpiece has become an attachment and a trademark he cannot do without. 

Over the weekend, social media was awash with critics questioning why he could not just leave his phone home just for a day, especially on his wedding day.

Sulu explained to the Daily News that he could not do without his trusted and most reliable gadget, the “Plantronics” Bluetooth headset.

“I can safely say it is my trademark. Just like my late father had his cellphone, I have this. It is convenient and I cannot afford not to wear it. I was using it to communicate with the bride and also there were other things happening on that day.”

Sulu said given what happened when his ex-wife Marigold Mutemasango showed up at his wedding unexpectedly with the intention of stopping it, it was prudent that he kept his phone on him.

“It has a 100 metre range and it makes my life easier. It tells me who is calling and I can decide whether to take the call or not.”

The musician said he has back-ups just in case one malfunctions or goes missing.

“I actually have four of these. They are all in the same colours (black and silver). The only time I am consistently without it is when I bath. I even forget to take it off when I go to sleep.

“If it goes missing, there will be trouble, that’s how much I love it. It is convenient, especially when I am driving. You know you are not supposed to hold your phone and drive, so it is also a matter of safety.”

He loves it so much that he even introduced it to a friend.

“I started using it about five years ago and I have never left it since then. The only other person who has it I know is Soma (Somandla Ndebele), I introduced him to it and he loved it,” Sulu said.

One Twitter user wrote; “We need a national all-stakeholders’ conference to discuss the permanence of Sulu’s Bluetooth ear-piece”

And more comments were made.

Tendayi ‏@Teemergence wrote; “It’s a signature. Zvemaphone ndezvemhuri kana Chopper aidawo phone yake. Remember that brick that he used to clip on his belt.”

Some even placed bets on it beforehand, david gweshelo ‏@gweshelo wrote; “I got $10 from my friend after betting that Sulu will have that Bluetooth earpiece on his wedding.”

It’s a niggaz nature ‏@itai03622965 hit the mark when he wrote; “Why did someone not tell him . . . I guess he probably sleeps with it too.” Daily News