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Zimbabwe would never change as long as we are still a Christian nation

By Awakened Brother

The number one cause of all political, economical and social stagnancy in Zimbabwe is religion, especially the Christian religion.This foreign Abrahamic faith based and dogmatic principled cult religion has proved beyond doubt to be detrimental to our ancient traditions, culture, and ritual values.

holy-bibleIn the past I have written several articles accompanied by irrefutable evidence to prove beyond doubt that Jesus Christ was a mythical deified figure that actually never existed a real biological life.There is also ample evidence that seem to suggest that Jesus Christ is a Christian cult Greek/Roman version of other ancient  solar deities such as Horus, Mithras, Apollo, Zeus ,Buddha, and Krishna. For the purpose of this discourse I shall not dwell on that matter anymore. However, if any of the readers here had not yet read any of my articles I strongly suggest you do that first.

Christianity is a fallacious, deceptive and non spiritual religion that against our parents and grand parents wishes was violently superimposed upon them by the sword. Its erroneous dogmatic principles had been passed on to other younger innocent generations over the years, and this has led us to psychologically distant ourselves from our rituals, culture and traditions.

According to the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ), 84% of the population is Christian. The even more worrying point is the fact that almost all of these so called Christians have somehow managed to incorporate and intertwine our sacred ancient Zimbabwean traditions, culture and rituals with this non-spiritual foreign religion.

Alarmingly, this has led do the depletion and diminishing of our respect and rigid observations of our traditions which our ancestors had always abided by for thousands and thousand of years before the arrival of Christianity in Zimbabwe.

The brutal and blatant truth is that economically, politically, and socially, Zimbabwe has now become a sinking ship. The main cause behind this seismic grandeur of our nation’s collapse is the Christian philosophical and psychological impact that has clearly stamped its mark on the majority of Zimbabweans conscience.

Amongst its many spurious and illogical dogmatic principles, Christianity teaches us to turn the other cheek, love thy enemy, forgive thy enemy, never to question anything, always to accept your current situation because apparently this is ‘God’s’ plan. It also further instruct us to always obey and trust leadership regardless of it being good or bad. Surely this is not a rational and pragmatic way of living life , is it ? Not only is this rationale unnatural but it also contradicts all basic logic and reasoning. Frustratingly, these are the teachings of Christianity that 84% of Zimbabweans live by today.

Worryingly, the day to day lives of most Zimbabweans is moulded and driven by the core virtues and beliefs of Christian dogmatic principles found in the Christian Bible. But here are the fundamental questions every Christian should ask themselves; Who really wrote the Bible? How was the Bible even written? Who chose what books to include in the Bible? Is the Bible really the word of God? And which ‘God’ are we talking about here? Is the Bible really inerrant and infallible?

Is the Bible a historical book, and if so , whose history? Was there ever a character called Jesus? And if so where is the evidence? Is Jesus really the son of God? Did you know that the Roman Emperor,Constantine is the one who decreed the Christian decree? What do you know about the Council of Nicaea that was held in 325AD?

Is the Hebrew God YAHWEH in the Bible really the same as the God of the Universe and everything in the cosmos? If so, how come the Jews of today in Israel do not recognise Jesus as God or the son of God? These are very important questions that deserve real honest research and answers.

Seemingly absurd and rather bafflingly, the vast majority of people in Israel today do not even follow or believe in the Christian religion. This might come as shock to most of you reading this but Israel to date has a population of just over 8 Million people. Incredibly, of that 8 Million people, only 1.9% or approximately 160 000 of them are actually Christians.

Also rather mind-bogglingly is the fact that of that 1.9% Christians, 80% of them are actually Arab Christians whose origins are Lebanese, Syrian and Palestine. Therefore in other words approximately only 32 000 of indigenous people in Israel today actually believe in Christianity and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

So the question is this; How did you as a Zimbabwean became Christian? Why are you even a Christian? Why have you abandoned your culture, rituals and traditions in favour of a foreign religion of which the same people that gave it to you do not even believe in?  Why have you abstained from the Zimbabwean traditional values of your ancestors? Why do you even continue to brainwash your children even to this day ?

Because of its non-spiritual and deceptive nature, the Christian religion had also been put into use over and over by corrupt governments such as ours, and also by unscrupulous individuals in search of personal fortunes to dumb us down and instruct us to just follow orders without any questions asked. We need to abandon this foreign Christian cult religion at once.We need to return back to our sacred rituals, traditions and culture that had kept our ancestors prosperous for thousands and thousands of years.

How would our ancestors feel right now? What would they think of us if they were alive right now? Surely they will be twisting and turning in their graves with sheer disappointment in how low and disillusioned we have truly become.

I used to be a Christian ones before.But everything was thrown out of the window when I did my own independent research on the real origins of Christianity. I also would like to challenge everybody to do the same. At least do your own research. The Bible is not the only book to confer to when one is seeking the real historical origins of Christianity. In conclusion, I would like to repeat this point once again; Zimbabwe would never change as long as we are still a Christian nation.