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Bulawayo housing waiting list hits 115 000

By Auxilia Katongomara

The Bulawayo City Council’s (BCC) housing waiting list now stands at 115 000 as demand for residential stands continues to go up.

Bulawayo City Council
Bulawayo City Council

The waiting list had been pegged at 100 000 for some time but residents have been continuing to register as demand for decent accommodation rises.

The BCC deputy director of Housing and Community Services, Mr Dictor Khumalo, said urbanisation has led to increased demand for residential stands and housing in the city.

“As we battle to provide housing, we want to indicate that the demand keeps increasing due to urbanisation to an extent that at the moment we have got 115 000 residents on the housing waiting list requiring accommodation,” said Mr Khumalo.

Speaking at the belated World Habitat Day commemorations held in Pelandaba West suburb on Tuesday, Mr Khumalo said the local authority was on track to providing decent housing through a number of initiatives which were in line with ZimAsset and the national housing policy.

“The Bulawayo city council has a strategic plan for the city which details the implementation strategies for the above stated national policies. ZimAsset has a target of 15 000 stands to be delivered in five years in the Bulawayo Metropolitan Province. Per annum our target as a province is 3 000 stands,” he said. Chronicle