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NRZ disqualifies 40 applicants for top Job

By Nkululeko Sibanda

Troubled National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ)’s board has contracted an unnamed employment agency after it failed to find suitable candidates for the vacant position of general manager.

NRZ board chairman, Alvord Mabena
NRZ board chairman, Alvord Mabena

A total of 40 applicants applied for the job but were deemed unsuitable.

The parastatal, now under pressure from government to find a substantive general manager, is even prepared to extend its search into the Diaspora, board chairman, Alvord Mabena said this week.

The railway transport company has been searching for a replacement for the late general manager, Mike Karakadzai since last year. The new manager has, however, been hard to come by.

Cognisant of the fact that many capable candidates may be keeping their distance from the parastatal because of its chequered history of mismanagement and poor performance, the parastatal is now reportedly promising rich pickings in the form of an undisclosed lucrative salary and perks for the right candidate

Mabena told the Financial Gazette that the parastatal was prepared to negotiate a good package for the new general manager.

“We know that people of high calibre and with the skill and ability that we are looking for as the NRZ do not come cheap. With that in mind, we are prepared to negotiate a good package with the one that we finally agree on because we want him to ensure that he works and comes up with the results that we want,” said Mabena.

“We are hopeful that we shall be able to get a Zimbabwean who understands the Zimbabwean situation. Our belief is that somewhere out there in the Diaspora, there is someone from Zimbabwe who has what we are looking for.

“But like I said, these people do not come cheap. To land them here will cost a fortune and we are prepared to discuss that with them and convince government that they are the right candidates for the job,” Mabena said.

After Press adverts flighted in local newspapers drew 40 candidates but these were considered unsuitable.

The employment agency is expected to court prospective general managers, who will then be vetted by the NRZ board.

Lewis Mukwada has been acting general manager since 2013 following the death Karakadzai in a road accident. Financial Gazette