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Mafu just a primary school teacher not able to lead Highlanders: Ezra

Former Radio Two personality Ezra Tshisa Sibanda has attacked Highlanders coach Bongani Mafu against saying has no experience to coach a big club like Bosso and is a just a primary school teacher.

Highlanders CEO Ndumiso Gumede unveils Bongani Mafu as new Highlanders coach
Highlanders CEO Ndumiso Gumede unveils Bongani Mafu as new Highlanders coach

“It’s nonsensical to belittle Highlanders and allow novices to take chances at Highlanders. Bosso has got its sons who know what a defeat means to Bosso and its supporters not Mafu a primary school coach.

These Uefa B badges can deceive anybody, l have that certificate but l am not experienced enough to coach a team like Highlanders no chance,” said Sibanda.

Highlanders have had a indifferent start to the season and Mafu has come under criticism as a result.

Sibanda added “I have to prove myself by coaching and doing well with a renowned team not under 12 kids only from one primary school. Mafu never ran an academy, he has no experience and the fact that he signed such a stupid one year performance based contract clearly shows he has no confidence with himself.”

He said the Bosso family should not be patient with the coach as he was given ample time to build a strong side adding that those who are willing to give Mafu more time don’t have Bosso at heart.

“Guys Highlanders is too big a team to do trial and error with. Let’s not find excuses for our friends to destroy the club we all so love in the name of patience. Amongst past coaches noone had ample time to build a team and given sole responsibility like Mafu. The guy was appointed late last year and had 3 months of off season to prepare his team.

“He was given 100 % responsibility to build his own team, identify and recommend any player he wanted. Out of 120 players he shortlisted, he went on to cut remaining with 60 and then cutting to have his 30 best players which he recommended to be registered and expelling most of the old guard.

David Moyes was fired one year into his contract by Man United because he turned them to be a mediocre since they are a big team and now people want to give Mafu more time added Sibanda.

The people who wants Mafu to have more time don’t love Bosso.” Soccer24.co.zw