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Back to reality for Mugabe and supporters

By Brown Moyo

VICTORIA FALLS – It is back to normal for president Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF supporters after a temporary delirium in which they enjoyed his birthday bash, forgetting the real issues that have reduced this country to beggardom.

President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

Having been bussed from all directions of the country by Zupco buses, ministers having chartered an aeroplane at a very absurd amount, the majority of supporters having, for once been allowed to enjoy game meat of the ‘big five’, it should now be ringing a bell that it was just but a fake celebration as they now take the long road back home.

Mugabe comes home to Harare where thousands of people are still waiting for his promised 2.2 million jobs.

He comes home where his finance ministry has no clue on turning around the country’s economy which continues on a downward spiral.

Mugabe comes back home where he faces yet a divided party that has failed millions of Zimbabweans since taking over power in the 2013 controversial elections.

He comes home where the health sector is collapsing at an alarming rate with no basic drugs, ARVs and water.

Mugabe’s ministers will again be welcomed by Mugabe’s wife, Grace, whose axe has been hovering on top of their heads since the gradual cabinet reshuffle took off.

None of them is secure as whoever crosses her path is dealt with by an Iron fist.

Education minister Lazarus Dokora being one of those who enjoyed the game meat with one closed eye as his future as a minister is not yet guaranteed.

Several permanent secretaries and heads of parastatals did not enjoy the jamboree as promises of blood on the floor still haunt them ahead of the purges of those associated with the ousted former vice president Joice Mujuru faction, to which many belonged to.

His bandwagon of supporters, as usual return home empty handed.

They are coming home to find their hungry sad faces of their children waiting for the good news that ‘dad has a new job after years of joblessness.’

They return home to find landlords waiting for their rentals since its already end of month and the Victoria Falls trip not an excuse of not paying rent.

What a day it has been but its back to reality where hopelessness remains the order of the day.