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Bishop Verryn to meet successor over evicted refugees

JOHANNESBURG – Methodist Church pastor Bishop Paul Verryn says he will meet officials from the Central Methodist Church in Johannesburg today to discuss the relocation of thousands of Zimbabweans who were living in the building.

Bishop Paul Verryn
Bishop Paul Verryn (Getty Images)

Verryn opened the doors of the church as a refuge for Zimbabweans for more than a decade particularly during the wave of xenophobic violence that shook South Africa in 2008.

At the end of last year, Verryn stepped down from his position at the church and a decision was taken that the foreigners should find a new place to live.

The bishop says since then he’s received numerous offers of help from across the country and is hopeful about today’s meeting.

“I’ve got a meeting back in the church with my successor and then we’ll have a clearer picture of what we’re actually dealing with. Tomorrow morning I’m going to be going to town to look for accommodation.”

Verryn also says he is aware of allegations of crime among the Zimbabwean community and will investigate these seriously.

“And all sorts of peculiar allegations about what’s going on here, from drugs to burying dead people on the property to all sorts of stuff like that. I’m quite happy to investigate those allegations very meticulously.” Eye Witness News