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Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love blame each other for violence

By Brenda Phiri

Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love blame each other for the ugly violence that flared at Sting 2014, the much touted dancehall face off that ended in fracas after the two artistes clashed on stage.

Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love blame each other for violence
Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love blame each other for violence

The fight spilled to the fans and the police threw teargas into the five thousand strong crowd leading to a stampede where at least 10 people were seriously injured.

Conquering family boss, Soul Jah Love said his hands were clean in the matter as he was simply attacked for being the better artiste on stage by arch rival Seh Calaz.

Despite the pictorial evidence suggesting that Soul Jah Love could have been physically aggressive towards different people, he insisted he did not throw a single blow at anyone during the sting.

“All I know is that I outclassed Seh Calaz on stage and I was clearly the crowd’s favourite. This did not go down well with him prompting him to attack me. I never retaliated and you are the ones trying to make a story out of nothing,” he said before hurling vulgar insults at this reporter.

Seh Calaz on the other hand refuted the claims saying it was regrettable how the violence led to scores of fans getting injured.

He said Soul Jah Love had jumped the gun too soon by concluding that he had won the Sting after only three songs into the battle.

“I don’t understand why Jah Love would lie about me attacking him. The reason I crossed over to his side was because I was trying to exit the stage and the exit was towards his direction. Cans were being thrown and the stage manager advised us both to go back stage and wait for things to settle. I don’t know why Jah Love ignored this but as I tried to exit, his bouncers started shoving me, leading to the fracas” he said.

He added that while Soul Jah Love might have misread the situation, his behaviour incited the fans to be more violent leading to police throwing tear gas at them.

“It is unfortunate that the theme of denouncing violence amongst fans continues to fall on deaf ears. Throwing cans does not solve anything but bring problems like how we ended up cutting short our two hour performances after barely 15 minutes,” he said.

Seh Calaz said he has no real beef with Soul Jah Love and will perform with him again.

He said it was his hope that the two would join forces in the future and give the fans another show as assign of solidarity.

Speaking on the Sting violence, National Arts Council of Zimbabwe Director, Elvis Mari said he was yet to get to the bottom of the situation.

“We have not received a report of what transpired at that particular show over the weekend although we have read about it on social media. It would be fair to get facts from the organiser and the police so that we map a wat foward. This is because we have no power to summon any of the parties for answers,” he said. The Herald