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Zim Asset got no takers in China

By Tawanda Tichafa Mwendamberi Mutemanadzo

Fellow Zimbabweans Zim Asset got no takers in China, no money for this economic façade called Zim Asset but tangible and solid promises that is how my fellow Cdes in the nationalist party are saying.

Mr Mugabe has increasingly leaned on China for financial support after being shunned by Western trade and financial partners following his re-election in 2013
Mr Mugabe has increasingly leaned on China for financial support after being shunned by Western trade and financial partners following his re-election in 2013

They went to China and they came back empty handed, wasted tax payers money when civil servants pay dates are being changed month in month out because the Government simply is broke.

What we were told is the same old news which is we only got tangible promises from China and assurances that China as a country is only prepared to support and invest in any feasible and bankable project in Zimbabwe and has no money for our economic blue print called Zim Asset.

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It worries me because its common sense that every financing company or institution (or even him Chinamasa ie if he has money) in this world is willing to invest in any bankable project anyway in this world considering that all business principles and laws are upheld eg respect to property rights, rule of law, no expropriation of foreign firms and basically a sound and conducive investing environment.

It worries my mind to hear our Minister without Finance telling parliamentarians that China assured the Zimbabwean visitors led by their leader that only feasible projects will be supported by China when it’s well known that financing Companies or anyone who has money only finances feasible and bankable projects.

People its high time when the truth is said out. Who on earth including Chinamasa himself would invest their hard earned money into a Company when the CEO and founder of the entity no longer belongs to the future according to the laws of nature.

Zimbabweans we can’t be fooled any longer, they rigged the last election and promised us 2.2million jobs in their manifesto so where exactly are the jobs, China was the last resort of this murderous party. I’m calling it murderous because they not only murdered our livelihood, our people, our future but they also murdered our economy with their stubborn destructive policies and corruption.

We can’t wait for 2018 for we know seriously that elections with the current conditions in Zimbabwe are not the solution to our crisis. This is the time when all democratic forces should sit down regardless of their political affiliations and put Zimbabwe first, let them sit down and engage Zanu PF in all angles.

A good option could be a transitional government which will create conditions for free, fair and undisputed elections. My fellow Zimbabweans it’s not too late to have a government by the people, for the people and of the people. It’s not too late to have a new Zimbabwe. Our dear President and his Zanu PF party have run out of ideas on how to remove Zimbabwe from the current serious situation it is in now.

I’m afraid to say that the only idea that Zanu PF still has in its think tank is on how to retain power at all costs. Let it be known that companies are closing at a very fast pace, unemployment rate is now almost 95%, the 4% of the 5% employed are civil servants which leaves only 1% employed in the private sector.

Industries are still operating largely below capacity. The economy has been on a free fall since the rigged elections last year. Cry my beloved country, I won’t speak about the poor state of our roads, I mean if Samora Machel road in Harare now has potholes then what more do we expect of other roads.

I think if there was a time when Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliation should meet and discuss issues that matters then this is the time. Zimbabwe is not owned by Zanu PF and neither is it owned by MDC. Zimbabwe is for everyone Ndebele, Shona,Venda, Xhosa, Shangani and English etc .

This crisis which we have is now beyond partisan politics ie it’s no longer an MDC affair and neither is it a Zanu PF affair also.

Let this article trigger serious discussions among all democratic forces who have Zimbabwe at heart.


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