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‘Go live with your dead hubby at the graveyard,’ widow told

BULAWAYO – A widow from Mzilikazi suburb in Bulawayo will live to regret the day she joined the Maseko family after she was allegedly chased away and told to go and stay with her husband at the gravesite.

Chipo Zvavanondiyita and her property in the verandah
Chipo Zvavanondiyita and her property in the verandah

Chipo Zvavanondiyita claimed her sister in-law Runiya Ndlovu chased her away from the family house.

“My husband passed on last year in August. Ever since I have not been in good books with my sister-in-law. She told me that I should vacate the house because it is a family house regardless of that it is where I have been staying with my husband.

“We also managed to add more rooms to the house but right now I am being told that there is no reason why I should continue living in that house. She instructed me to go and live with my late husband at the graveyard. I told her that if I should go and live with him there she should first move my property there then I will follow him,” she said.

She said Ndlovu told her that the other reason why she was chasing her away was because the house was her inheritance.

“My property which includes sofas, kitchen unit, wardrobe and clothes were removed two months ago. She told me that the house belongs to her, it is her inheritance from her late mother Ellen Sikwayara,” said Zvavanondiyita.

To add salt to injury, Ndlovu is alleged to have destroyed her chicken run where she kept chickens for resale. Ndlovu is said to be a married woman and her husband works in South Africa but when her husband is not in the country she relocates to Mzilikazi,” she said.

Contacted for comment Ndovu said, “You can go there and have a look at the property and write whatever you want,” before she cut the phone. B Metro