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Winky D attacks his challengers

Self-proclaimed king of zimdancehall Wallace Chikumiro aka Winky D has castigated up and coming dancehall musicians for trying to dethrone him saying they would never win as he has a good strategy to defend his throne.

Winky D
Winky D

In his latest release titled Tiki Taka, Winky D refers to himself as King Pharoah and those who want to occupy his “throne” should first destroy the bicycle and then get the bicycle seat.

At the beginning of the song, the Bigman as he is affectionately known by his legion of fans, sings:

“Pattan yandapinda nayo, ndiyani anokwanisa kudaro (“The strategy I have used no one else can)

Biggie ndiking kunge Pharaoh (Biggie is the king like Pharaoh)

Dancehall Kilimanjaro

Varikuda kundibvisa pachigaro (They want to dethrone me)

Uraya bhasikoro vape chigaro (They should take a bicycle seat)

Ndopavo ipapo ngavasaita nharo (That is where they belong)

He goes on to say his songs have taken the market by storm as he has caused an “earthquake” in the music industry.

“Ngoma dzangu dziri kwese kunge network (My songs are everywhere like network)

Matsaga ati godo oyita tek tek (Some have jealousy and are attacking me)

Ndini ndashaker Zimdancehall kunge earthquake (I have shacked Zimdancehall like an earthquake”

The multi-award winner later boasts of his gongs which he has scooped in the music industry.

Part of the chorus goes: “10 years danzi ndarocker (I have rocked music for 10 years)

10 mikombe ndastocker (I have scooped 10 awards)

Handina kwandaenda saka usati ndadzoka (I haven’t gone anywhere so don’t say I am back)

Handiterere vanhu handina coach kunge soccer (I don’t listen to people . . .)

Ndini ndega ndine five mastar pamimhanzi (I am the only one who has five stars for in the music industry . . .”)

Asked on his new release, Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda said the song was a song just like any other and was not targeted at anyone.

“Winky D recently released three songs Pazvicorner, Mother’s Day and Tiki Taka. Tiki Taka talks about music as a passing game. In soccer circles, the official strategy used by teams like Barcelona is called Tiki Taka. Tiki Taka is a Spanish phrase. The song is not directed on anyone, it is just a song,” he said.

Banda denied allegations which came out in some sections of the media that some of the Vigilance band members left the group and others are on tour with Mookomba.

“That is a lie, the story was written by someone who wants to tarnish our image. If you check all the stories which the person writes about my artistes, he always writes negative things. As far as I know there is only one band member who excused himself following personal issues which are clashing with band commitments,” Banda said. B Metro