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Hero’s welcome for 13-year-old Ras Pompy

Thirteen year-old Ras Pompy who became the youngest Zimbabwean musician to tour the United Kingdom received a hero’s welcome in his hometown of Mbare on Tuesday. 

The dancehall chanter, real name Nyasha Reginald Mano, was mobbed by fans after arriving back from the UK where he was part of the Zvirikumbofamba Sei Tour alongside Jay C, Lady Bee, Dhadza D, Loud H Mbada and Lewaz Skattah.

An entourage of cars blasting his songs accompanied Pompy into his neighbourhood as fans sang along while chanting his name. The youngster was at one time lifted high above the crowd as the adulation continued.

Recently Pompy from Mbare in Harare moved schools from Morgan High to Borrowdale Brooke after he won a scholarship that guarantees that his parents will not have to pay any school fees as long as he remains at the private school.