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MDC legislators now Zanu PF tools

Opinion by Itai Dzamara

The Zimbabwe parliament recently adopted the Electoral Amendment Bill, which is of a manner and nature that compels us to ask serious questions – especially to MDC legislators. The bill falls far short of achieving tangible improvements in the current electoral framework.

Journalist Itai Dzamara
Journalist Itai Dzamara

In fact, in many ways, it retains repugnant provisions that allow for bad, as well as undemocratic practices. It is, first and foremost, almost unbelievable that the parliamentarians agreed and adopted a position to sustain the current scenario with regards to the right of Zimbabweans in the diaspora to vote.

There are now more than 5 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora who are denied the opportunity to determine the future of their country through participating in elections, yet they make a huge contribution to the economy, if not the major one.

Zimbabwe must be one of the few outposts in the world, which deliberately disenfranchises almost half of its population – ironically forced out by the ruling regime’s economic failure. It is easy to understand Zanu PF’s desire for such archaic and barbaric legislation, but it boggles the mind to even imagine that there are MDC legislators involved in this moronic deception.

The MDC has been the face and embodiment of the national democratic struggle – which is at a very crucial and delicate stage – but the nation is bound to ask MDC legislators what their mission in parliament really is, if they are agreeing to be accomplices in Zanu PF’s schemes to derail and erode the gains made in the democratic struggle.

MDC legislators being party to a bill that retains the corruption of the voters roll being prepared, controlled and manipulated by the Registrar General, should make many who died in the democratic struggle to turn in their graves. You don’t need to have finished O-Levels to know and understand how that provision has contributed immensely to taking Zimbabwe to the current depths of national crisis.

You don’t need to scratch your head to know and understand how one Tobaiwa Mudede, the current Registrar General, has been a thorn in the flesh of Zimbabweans’ aspirations for genuine and democratic electoral processes over the years. Yes, Mudede is just an individual who can be gone tomorrow, but he operates and thrives on the basis of an electoral framework that is patently prone to abuse and manipulation.

If Mudede were to go through whatever means, Zanu PF will surely appoint another individual, who will do the same damage to the nation – because there is a parliament that has approved and adopted such corruption and mischief. There are MDC MPs in that parliament!

The bill approved and adopted by these MDC MPs has no interest nor business to fumigate the stinking system that is the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec). Zec, which last year proved to be another albatross on the nation, is a huge scandal full of loopholes and which give the thieves of votes opportunities to stuff it with Zanu PF activists and spies.

Zec proved to us that it is formulated and fashioned to produce an electoral outcome premeditated and desired by Zanu PF. This bill intently retains and guarantees sustenance of that national shame and scandal – with the endorsement of MDC legislators. The bill, waiting for one Robert Mugabe to merely append his signature, has the approval of MDC legislators for the barring of hundreds of thousands that would be in prisons and hospitals on voting day.

Ironically, Zanu PF also thrives on the wholly opaque process of postal ballot, purportedly meant for police and army members as well as other individuals that would be on duty during voting. So MDC legislators are part of this naked plan to help Zanu PF get votes where it can manipulate and control while disabling huge numbers in hospitals and prisons from voting.

Now, you hear all sorts of nonsensical stories and excuses from MDC legislators. One of them is that they can’t stop Zanu PF because it has enough numbers to go it alone, in any case. Aaaha! There, right there, is the whole story! In that case, what therefore is the MDC’s business or mission in parliament, where it will not do anything to stop Zanu PF’s meticulous processes of eroding the gains made in the democratic struggle?

What is the MDC plan regarding the situation, its presence and role in parliament and in relation to the future of Zimbabwe? Is the MDC surely, with straight faces, just taking back seats to shepherd and accompany Zanu PF to its next election’s honeymoon?

For, unless the hypocrites, fools and cowards of MDC in parliament urgently stop conniving with Zanu PF in the mission to derail the democratic struggle, the national of Zimbabwe is heading for a worse disaster than many are imagining. MDC legislators who indeed have no numbers to stop the Zanu PF sinister mission, apparently have the audacity and pride to continue going to sleep and fart in parliament.

Oh yes, they have economic interests to protect. They are driving in style, after taking delivery of US$38 000 each worth of vehicles, in a country with many destitutes like those at Chingwizi camp. The MDC MPs are bidding time for the salaries and allowances. I put it on the record, unless this crowd of fast developing hypocrites and fools stops this fornication with Zanu PF now, the nation is sinking into the disaster of an entrenched dictatorship succeeding in derailing the democratic agenda.

What should be done?

If the MDC is still serious about the democratic agenda, its MPs must stay in parliament only to wage the political fight that should have commenced right after last year’s rigged elections, and specifically to stop the Zanu PF train of robbery to move on. MDC must use its presence in parliament to do what the party claims in various ways – fighting the political battle against rigging and the dead end everything is set to culminate into.

If the MDC is serious about the political battle, the rhetoric it keeps telling Zimbabweans, of the right to protest, must be practised by the gang in parliament if it still wants to be relevant to the democratic struggle.

The MDC MPs are ineffective for parliament business because Zanu PF meticulously achieved that through the mother of all rigged elections last year – that remains the basis of the political battle which must be waged today. Either the MDC MPs draw a line now and pronounce a new course, or they just continue being accomplices in Zanu PF’s sinister mission of derailing the democratic struggle – which is well on course.