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New drama to revisit vapostori beating up police

By Brenda Phiri

The famous Budiriro Vapostori saga that saw men of cloth beating police officers and members of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe has inspired a new television series that is due for release on July 30.

Masowe members run riot, beat up anti-riot cops (Picture by NewsDay)
Masowe members run riot, beat up anti-riot cops (Picture by NewsDay)

The saga is featured in the entire first episode titled “Kumasowe” of the series “Kutapira”.

According to the producer of the series, Silvanos Mudzvova, the episode is meant to raise important issues in a comical way.

“The episode was indeed inspired by the famous Budiriro incident. We put our twist to the story in the episode that sees the church constituting of an ex-prisoner, aspiring boxer, commuter omnibus drivers, illegal vendors and drug peddlers all of whom seek salvation in the church headed by the notorious Madzibaba Isaiah,” said Mudzvova.

The tension that exists between the police and most of the church members sparks an altercation when the police attempt to raid the shrine.

“The idea for the film was brought about by members of the Highfield community. We went ahead and shot it there with the cast of Valentine Tapi as Madzibaba Isaiah, award-winning actress Nyaradzo Nhongonhema as Madzimai Spiwe, Eddington Hativagone as Officer Chamvari, Olivia Chipundu as Officer Gwanza, and Moses Kawara of Mabvuku as Officer Kepekepe,” he said.

Mudzvova said he was proud of the production as they were doing the community a service of capturing some of the real life events that have made news beyond the country’s borders.

He said it was the important role for local filmmakers to televise such events and not wait for foreigners as was the case with notorious female rapists who were featured in a Hollywood production.

“When we talk of producing films that are of international standards some tend to think that it means we should portray the Western lifestyle but that’s not it. It is high time that we put our own stories on the international platform so that we are known for who we are, what we do and how we react to some of these issues,” he said.

He spoke of televising novels from great writers and stories that got people talking.

The series “Kutapira” has 13 episodes features various topical societal issues that are portrayed in a lighter and comical style. The producers strived to bring to light some of these issues while breaking the ice on what is usually regarded to be taboo. The Herald