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Seh Calaz skinned alive by Winky D

By Jonathan Mbiriyamveka

Zimdancehall arch-rivals Winky D and Seh Calaz clashed for the first time at Harare International Carnival’s Zimdancehall night in the Harare Gardens on Saturday night.Seh Calaz was beaten to the game as Winky D proved that he has the experience to entertain.

Winky D
Winky D

Thousands of fans that thronged the venue witnessed Seh Calaz being trounced by Winky D, who dropped tune after tune.

The much-publicised fallout between the two artistes started after Seh Calaz recorded his own version of the song “Mafira Kureva” originally done by Winky D.

On that “diss” track, Seh Calaz attacked the person and character of Winky D, who is also lovingly called the “Ninja president” by his legion of fans.

“Akomana Winky idhara (guys Winky D is hot),” some fans could be heard discussing.

Judging by what transpired at the gig, it was clear that Winky D was miles ahead of Seh Calaz in terms of appeal, popularity as well as delivery.

Suffice to say that Seh Calaz, who fancies himself as “Mubhanditi”, put up a good show but his act did not last for long.

After performing two or so songs he left the stage in a huff.

But it was different for the Ninja president who had to use live band instead of backtracks.

The Vigilance leader came fired up and opened his performance with the number “Swagga Muchando” which whipped fans into frenzy.
And in typical Winky D style, he pulled off the tune and introduced a new one which he penned for the carnival and fans went berserk.

Winky D a.k.a Bigman had great stage presence and good crowd control from start to finish and he never made reference to his “beef” with fellow artistes.

It appears the Bigman has a lot to offer in terms of performance and creativity although he has to learn a thing or two about level-headedness and humility.

But besides the feud between Winky D and Seh Calaz, there were other stand-out performances by Dhadza D a.k.a Charger, Platinum Prince, Soul Jah Love, Terminator, Final Warning as well as Spiderman who proved a thing or two on stage.

The show was put together by Chipaz Promotions in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority.

ZTA chief executive showered praises on Partson Chimbodza of Chipaz Promotions for organising the sold-out gig. The Herald