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Out of adversity, stronger MDC-T emerges

By Makusha Mugabe

Out of the adversity of an unconstitutional challenge of Morgan Tsvangirai’s leadership seems to have come a re-energised, certainly a more united party, now attractive even to members who had previously abandoned the party.

Makusha Mugabe
Makusha Mugabe

Today Tsvangirai sits with returning founder members Job Sikhala and Joubert Mudzumwe and newly elevated members.

Whether the seemingly organised ‘renewal rebellion’ has actually been crushed may be an issue for another day; suffice it to say for now Tsvangirai has firmly taken charge, and confidence has returned to the MDC-T, not least because of the return of some former founder members who had left the party.

Party members were so united around Tsvangirai, and he showed strong leadership, that the rebellion not only collapsed, but also those who were watching from the sidelines have now made up their minds to join the party, starting with Sikhala and Mudzumwe.

What Tsvangirai called the big-tent from which nobody would be turned away (they just have to play by the rules) seems to have grown bigger, underlining the MDC’s resilience and indestructibility and its dexterity to outmanoeuvre Zanu (PF) and organise a common front of the opposition, in spite of Zanu (PF) agents’ manipulations.

Tsvangirai said those who had started writing premature obituaries of the MDC, should put their pens down as today’s event was sending a clear message that the MDC’s democratic struggle is not just on track, but getting bigger, better and more formidable.

The ‘homecoming’ by Sikala and Mudzumwe would confound sceptics and put to shame those who had mistaken the robust debate in the MDC as a sign of disintegration.

Those who had thought the debate would keep the MDC’s eyes off the acute national crisis would also be disappointed, because MDC members realise that they are stronger in unity as a broad front to fight for democratic change in our lifetime, said Tsvangirai.

He repeated his call for national dialogue and consensus so that together Zimbabweans can move forward in addressing the key issues of poverty, hunger, unemployment and the liquidity crunch that have affected all sectors of the economy.

Following the welcome home ceremony the MDC-T spokesman, Douglas Mwonzora, said Zimbabweans knew that this was not the time to make little individual political fiefdoms, but to unite and form one formidable front to get rid of the dictatorship.

It was therefore heartening that President Morgan Tsvangirai had lived up to his word that the Zimbabwean opposition should unite He was politically spot on, also for reiterating that he did not want to push anybody out of the political tent, said Mwonzora.

He appealed to all within and without the MDC to throw away narrow sectional political interests and put the interests of the Zimbabweans to heart.

“It is very clear that with unity of purpose we can dislodge this dictatorship. The MDC should remain focused on its historical goal which is to deliver the people of Zimbabwe from poverty and misery.

“We should never let the political turbulence that we have been experiencing over the past few weeks detract us from our historic mission. For we have only two choices in 2018. It is either we win the election or we win the election.” ChangeZimbabwe.com