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Live: #NehandaCitizenReports – 19 February 2014

The leadership at our Dangamvura Calvary Action Centre assembly as highlighted in the letter below is trying to cover the tracks of this unfortunate incident. Would be grateful if this rot is exposed. 

We are waiting Elder Mashezha 

citizen_Journalist_200Its no longer a secret among AFM in Zimbabwe DCAC members that the wife to the Pastor is rumoured to have been caught in a theft mishap at the Sakubva Flea Market a week ago.

The story as deplorable as it may be, should be put to rest not only by the accused but also by the church’s board of elders who should set the record straight and retain the integrity of the leadership.

As a concerned believer and member of the assembly, I therefore appeal to Elder Daniel Mashezha being the Vice Chairman of the assembly to address congregants on the developments as well as the action be pondered upon for our credibility as an assembly to be retained.

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The most unfortunate part is that the victim of the theft is a believer in our assembly and its common reason that the victim shares not only with other believers but members of the secular community and it also be noted that images of the unfortunate event whether true or graphically manipulated are already in circulation.

My opinion tells me to ignore the latter assumption hence my concern to know the action of the church’s Board of Elders. Our aim at the end of the day is to meet our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on the day of His second coming and as leaders, God has privileged you with the mandate to lead the flock to the land of promise being exemplary in your leadership and way of life.

I know my heart is not bleeding alone over the issue but hundreds more of believers whom the Lord has tasked you to lead. Astute Godly leadership does not compromise, try to cover up issues, show favoritism or else your leadership will be a gigantic fraud.

Lest i might be quoted out of context, am not asking you to judge, who are we to judge but to follow Godly principles in handing such cases not only enshrined in the Holy Book the Bible but AFM in Zimbabwe’s constitution which i presume you hold in the highest regard.

I therefore implore you esteemed Vice Chairperson of the assembly Elder Mashezha, to address the church on this issue lest we risk to injure a lot of souls by the continued silence of the issue by your Board. We are waiting Elder, till we hear from you continue to be blessed!!” Worried Believer

Pensioners be warned

“Pensioners be warned there is group of people who are targeting pensioners to join Doves Funeral Policy, surprisingly they have got all your details from NSSA, POSB bank account all they need is your signature for debit order. It seems they are working with someone from NSSA who is giving them personal details. They lie to you that we have been sent by your child. Yesterday 12/02/14 they were in Zengeza.”

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