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‘Town secretary wanted sexual favours’

By Lovemore Kadzura in Rusape

The trial of former Rusape Town Council employee Priscilla Nhachi over forgery allegations took a dramatic twist as she made sensational sex allegations against town secretary Mr Joshua Maligwa. 

Rusape Town secretary Mr Joshua Maligwa
Rusape Town secretary Mr Joshua Maligwa

Nhachi, who was Maligwa’s private secretary, told the court that she had a torrid time at council as Maligwa was always demanding sex from her. She also alleged that she was being persecuted and fixed by Maligwa because she spurned his sexual advances.

Nhachi, who is a married woman, also told the court that each time she stretched out her hand to formally greet Maligwa, he would turn it down and demand hugs.

She further alleged that since Maligwa joined Rusape Town Council, her work became hell as on several occasions Maligwa would delay her at work up to 8pm and would beg for sexual favours.

“I am facing these allegations of forging O-Level certificates because I turned down the town secretary’s sexual advances. Since he joined council he has been proposing love to me and I refused because I am a married woman. This did not go down well with him because he started to be rough with me and went on to frame these charges against me,” said Nhachi.

“Since Maligwa joined council, I never enjoyed my work because he was always pestering me to have sex with him, but I refused. Each time I attempted to formally greet him using my hand he would say no, saying ‘boss vanoda kari kahug’. He would also delay me at work up to 8pm and would beg for sex with me, and on all occasions I refused,” added Nhachi.

Maligwa, who was giving evidence on behalf of Rusape Town Council, shocked court officials and the gallery when his mobile phone rang while he was in the witness stand and proceeded to answer it.

He had a conversation with a person he claimed to be Local Government, Public Works and National Housing permanent secretary, Mr Killian Mupingo.

Incensed and shocked by Maligwa’s high-level contempt of court, presiding magistrate Mr Shingi Mutiro immediately adjourned proceedings and summoned Maligwa to his chambers. Manica Post