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ZiFM sack Tino Katsande over leaked tape

HARARE – A potentially bruising legal battle is shaping up between ZiFM and DJ Tinopona Katsande after it emerged the Supa Mandiwanzira owned radio station had in fact sacked the controversial DJ over a leaked bedroom tape. 

Tino Katsande
Tino Katsande

The clip, which was about 5 minutes long, featured Katsande and her now ex-boyfriend romping in different positions.

According to Tin Tin as she is affectionately known, ZiFM suspended her for three months and this suspension ended December 15, last Sunday. Katsande thought she could go back to work on Monday but was told she had been fired.

Susan Makore who heads ZiFM, said “We have been surprised to be reading in the newspapers that Tino was suspended and I want to place it on record that, in fact, she was fired. ZiFM has nothing more to do with her.”

Tin Tin though is arguing that when her phone was stolen she informed her bosses that it contained ‘sensitive’ material and was given verbal assurances that “everything was going to be all right.”

“It breaks my heart, though, that something that I did in my past is what has cost me my source of livelihood today. I actually informed the ZiFM management when I joined that I had my phone stolen. The phone contained my personal sensitive material,” she is reported as saying.

“It is unfortunate, I am not perfect and have a past which has nothing to do with my work performance, but has ended up being a temporary setback. It would be hectic if everyone had their private life dictate their jobs, but then again, I am not everybody,” moaned Tin Tin.