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Shingai going solo, heads to LA

By Silence Charumbira

United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean singer Shingai Shoniwa is taking a break from the Noisettes and is heading to Los Angeles. Shingai is the lead vocalist and bassist of the UK indie rock band, the Noisettes. 

United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean singer Shingai Shoniwa
United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean singer Shingai Shoniwa

Before the anticipated move, she last week auctioned off some off her belongings, giving the proceeds to charity and said she would now pursue solo projects. She was however, quick to mention she would still be working with her musical partner Dan Smith in future.

She was quoted on modmods.com saying: “We’re having a break but Dan and I are still going to be working on other projects together and we’re doing a Best of Noisettes tour next year.”

Shingai’s mother Leoba Kureya Shoniwa confirmed her daughter’s plans and said the singer would also pursue acting while in Los Angeles.

“Shingai is moving to LA. She will be doing some Solo projects. They are still working together but for now they are doing solo projects,” said Kureya.

In a video posted on social network YouTube Shingai said: “I am leaving to LA to expand my musical adventures and in the process I have decided to get rid of lots of my glamorous glad rags.”

Although it could not be established if her moving to Los Angeles will result in Shingai featuring in Hollywood blockbuster movies, her mother did not rule it out.

“She does act in fact, while at Brits School of performing Arts she studied drama and that’s where she met up with Dan. Hence the music came naturally and she went on to study music technology at Brighton University,” said the proud mother.

The 32-year-old also featured in a new Harry Hill film that premiered last Thursday at Leicester Square, Central London.

Probably best known for her single Don’t Upset the Rhythm (Go Baby Go), Shingai was brought up in South London by her mother. Her father died when she was 11.

Her unique stage demeanour is most defined by her often gigantic hairdo and of course unmistakable fashion sense which modmods.com describes as “outlandish designs” and declares she has “gratitude for attitude”. Standard